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Tuesday, 12/19/44, 2:00 p.m.

Nap time at the nursery

My dearest,

Have checked all my reports & schedules & am now taking my turn at sitting in the sleep room. I wonder what does & doesn’t make a child sleep?—Emotions? Certainly, they’ve played long & hard outdoors, the sleep room has all [the] “sleep atmosphere” possible. What could have disturbed some of the children today?

Mr. Bryan, federal adm., was out this a.m. to hire me a new janitor. He seemed rather pleased with how everything is going. Of course I’m pleased, too, since there is so darn much improvement in everything since we opened.

I only wish this climate was like San Antonio. I hate the snow & cold worse than ever! I drove to work today & really had a “hair-raising” experience. My car turned completely around on Moreland Blvd. after skidding on some ice. Gosh, our Ford is definitely not made for the North.

The news from the European front has been rather discouraging the last few days—to say the least. I’m “kind of” anxious about you, but my intuition seems to tell me that everything is “okay” & I hope I can depend on my intuition. Do take care of yourself, my darling. I can’t live without you, sweetheart!

Xmas is quite an exciting time this year since we all exchanged [sic] presents in the family & I don’t really know what anyone is getting me. I’m certainly going to be surprised!

Darling, I regret only one thing—that I didn’t make you marry me the very first time we talked about it. You know, Vic, you are a wonderful husband! I love you, my precious, with every fibre [sic] of my being.

Forever & ever yours,


What I like about Fred L—is also, one of your best traits! Uk can’t “pull the wool o’er his eyes.” I definitely like strong, dominant & firm men—in more ways than one.

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