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Wednesday, 12/20/44 7:40 p.m.

My dearest sweetheart,

I certainly was surprised this evening to get flowers from YOU! Honey, I was so awfully “tickled.” I started to cry—I love you so much! You’re the best husband any girl could hope for!! You are a darling!

Today, I got your V-Mail of Dec. 5th. The air mail for that date, I rec’d yesterday!

Dearest, they are singing “White Xmas” on the radio—it certainly would provide wonderful atmosphere for anything romantic if you were here! It is a beautiful song & you are a wonderful boy!

Believe it or not, my flowers arrived on Mort’s birthday! Yep. Mort is 22 today. Boy, it’s funny—I always remember him as he dashed madly to high school at 8:20 to arrive at 8:30! Can you imagine—we’re all growing up!

Yep, honey, that Sgt. who operated on a soldier’s neck got plenty publicity & good for W.R.U.!

Don’t send ciggerettes [sic] home—I don’t smoke & Dad always manages to know someone who knows someone!

Radio singer is “going to town” on “I’ll Be Home for Xmas” & I think this Baby is going to cry! Honestly, darling, I’m an awful, sentimental dope, sitting in bed, writing you while looking at your picture & flowers & listening to “mushy” music!!! Boy, dear—there’s one thing I would like to do—just sit, lie or walk feeling your hand in mine.

Today, I took a ½ day off & got my hair cut & fixed. Then, I went to the library & also picked up 4 tickets to “Blossom Time” at the Hanna for Fred, Uk, Sanf & I. Oh, yes, I bought our children 3 books—an animated edition of “Little Black Sambo,” an inexpensive copy of “Mother Goose Rhymes” & “From A to Z.” I’ll use them at the school, but actually, I’m also building a library for our young ‘ums!

Ukie thinks she’s “nuts” about Fred. I’m so glad she is, cause it’s wonderful to be in love, isn’t it? Gosh, just to think of you I’m enveloped in a new warm glow!

Gosh, news from ETO is lousy, but I’m sure you’re okay!!!

I’ll relax now & listen to Eddie Cantor’s Show.

My love for you forever,


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