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Tuesday, 12/26/44, [illegible]

My beloved,

I’m now in bed wearing my new pink bedsocks [sic} & my new blue & white stripped flannel pajamas & I’m going to write you a rather long letter & tell you that I love you!

I received 2 V-Mails from you today dated 12/6 & 12/11. I love getting your letters but I’m anxious to get your letters from about 12/17 on—want to hear what you have to say (if you may say) on the new German offensive.

Rec’d a lovely Xmas card from Sam Amster [?]—the dear! Also, rec’d a cute “rhyme” Xmas card (original) from my former boss, Ruth Bennett. I’ll eventually send it on to you.

Heard from Lolly—not much news! Also, rec’d seasons greeting from the Reitzes!

Honey darling, you keep asking which is faster—V-Mail or air mail & honestly, I can’t answer that, cause it varies—sometimes I get one before the other & vice versa!

This is some of the stationery Uk bought me for Xmas! I like it better than anything else I’ve used.

Mort wrote that he rec’d the camera & films we sent him on his birthday. He got a lighter from Eunice Pearlman on his birthday. The gal is “nuts” about him, but Mort doesn’t seem to feel the same way!

Ukie & Fred are “madly in love”—it’s delicious to just watch them! Darling, the kid has good taste—Fred is adorable!

The only one I worry about is Sanford—he doesn’t “hitch his wagon to a star”—he seems to be in a “rut” & he acts like such an old man! I swear, sweets, you act younger than he! Also, he definitely is self-conscious & lacks poise. Of course, I do one very wrong thing—I compare him to you & then—gee whiz, he’s a “drip!”

Mom & Dad plan to leave for Fla. January 3rd. Hope they go--& then, again— Oh yes—gave Dad “hell” for reserving 2 Pullmans—told him he needn’t be so greedy! He could sleep with his wife one night & give another chap a “break!”

Sent you a bunch of clippings by 3-cent mail & a V-Mail today.

I love you madly,


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