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December 27, 1944

Wednesday, 8:15 p.m.

Sweetheart darling,

Received an air mail letter from you dated 12/10 and three V-Mails dated 12/8, 12/10 and 12/14. I’m certainly not complaining! However, I feel badly that you went several days without mail from me! I know how very terrible that feels, having experienced it myself! Please do not blame me as I really have been writing, at least, once a day and sometimes even twice and three times! It really is the fault of Uncle Sam’s Postal System, but then, they usually do pretty good by us! I received a birthday card from Alice P today and two lovely white handmade hankerchiefs [sic]. It really was very sweet of her to remember. She also wrote me a few lines to tell me she got engaged Dec. 17th, but she didn’t mention the fellow’s name. I take it that he is some Dayton boy!

The Postal Dept. also sent me back some more mail that I had written to Tommy Kentes. The latest ones bears [sic] this stamp—“Missing from the 350th Sq. since Oct. 3rd.” It certainly wasn’t pleasant news and made me feel very, very blue!

My darling, I think “Doc” and Winnie have something very tangible to show for their 2 ½ years of married life! When you get back, however, we’ll show them—huh? Sometimes I’m sorry we didn’t go ahead and have a child, but sometimes, I think it is better that we didn’t. Well, that goes to show my usual indecesion [sic] on the subject! If we would have had a child, we would have loved it and probably thought that that was the best thing that could have happened to us; but since we didn’t I believe, in a way, that we rationalize and say, “Well, guess it’s bet that we didn’t.”

Glad you checked up on our bonds and my allotment. I was sure I was suppose[d] to receive $150 for Oct., so glad you are making your office check on it! Finally, we got our $50 bond for Oct. We were suppose[d] to skip the month of Sept. all together [sic]. Is that correct?

I haven’t seen Lil Goldberg at all, and really haven’t got the necessary incentive to call her. She is a good kid, but I think she has already “gone to pot!”

I really have been rather anxious about you since the Germans started going to town! Take care of yourself, Bubsie darling! I do hope that everything is all right with you! Please Baby, give them “hell,” but come home safe and sound to me!

I adore you so very much, my dearest one! I seem to just ache for you! If only you could put your arms around me and hold me very close—you are so virile! Gosh darling, just writing to you makes the shivers run up and down my back and makes me get all hot under the collar. You do things to me! I love you like I’ve never loved before—you are everything to me!

Today was a miserable day at work since everything went wrong! Housekeeper and asst. teacher were ill; coal wasn’t delivered—ah nuts! Ukie came down, and finally my other asst. felt well enough to come in at 3 p.m. so I had a staff meeting then while Uk stayed with the children! Thank goodness that I got some of the things off my mind to my staff! Fred came around about 5 p.m. and gave me my happy birthday kiss. Honestly, the kid is adorable. I really can see why Ukie goes for him and vice versa. You should see those kids try to crowd a lifetime

into 10 days. Honestly, they hardly sleep—out until 4 or 5, and then up at 9 to do or go some place else! Ukie is beginning to look like a wreck, but I know how they feel about wanting to make the most out of every minute he is here! Fred keeps saying that he’ll have plenty of time to sleep when he gets back to camp.

Fred got a big kick out of seeing the school and the children—there were 4 there at 5 p.m. It seems he is crazy about children and he seems to know how to act with them!

Gee honey, I sure hope we can celebrate our 3rd anniversary together.

Take it easy, and remember that I love you and always will. You are my everything!

More love,


[Transcription ends]