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Monday, 12/4/44, 9 p.m.

In bed

Dearly beloved,

Now that I’ve kind of calmed down I can tell you the news of the day!

Last night I dreamt about you & onions (how you like them) & this a.m. when I awoke, I realized that altho’ I can’t get used to raw onions, I like onions fried, or grilled with most everything—due to your influence!

Went to do Dad a favor on my way to work & got “stuck” on Buckeye & E. 115th. Luckily, Dad has an AAA membership & so they came & took care of the battery. Of course I came in an hr. late to work! And, of course, Mrs. Lang & Mrs. Yost would be waiting for me on the day I’m late! Also, watch is on the blink—I’m using a $1.00 one I have from camping days.

When they offered me a head teachers [sic] job at this nursery they’re opening on 2936 Mayfield Rd., I nearly fainted! Of course, I remembered to accept the job. Here’s the set-up: Mrs. Lang, City Supervisor, is turning me over to Mrs. Yost, [C]ounty [S]upervisor. However, the county is also run by the Cleve. Bd. of Educ. Fed’l gov’t put this private nursery at the same address out of business because owners didn’t have a license. Then fed’l bought it & will run it under Landham Act. However, True Sisters #30 had $7,000 surplus & wanted to invest it in a welfare project. They gave it to the Landham Fund for this nursery plus every mos. [sic] contributing $100. When the war is over, Fed’l Gov’t will step out & True Sisters will be in full charge, which means I’ll probably have a postwar job, too.

At present I work only with Cleve. Bd. of Educ. & my check comes from them. I still make my $130 as my contract calls for, but I get $20 more for assuming h.t. job. So, plus that $10 cost-of-living increase wage, I’ll make $160 every 4 wks. It means $40 weekly. However, the responsibility will be tremendouse [sic] as I’m responsible for the health care, children, kitchen, food & buying. I shall have a cook & a janitor & 2 ass’t teachers. Also, I may be able to get Uk on the payroll as ass’t teacher part-time (meaning only Sat. work).

It is a wonderful oppor[t]unity, but I’m still looking forward to San Antonio, Texas after the war! I hate Cleve. I hate the climate. You know, I had been thinking of returning to Texas after the New Year, but this new job gives me an incentive to stay on here.

Today, I rec’d your air mails of the 17th & 19th & V-mails of the 10-21-22. However, the latter part of last week I got your air mail of the 22nd.

Honey, there is so much news about the 9th Army I don’t know what to save; but I’ll save some of it—the articles I remember to clip.

Send me cablegrams when you can—but not more than necessary as they are merely form blanks. I know your address is Ammady, but that didn’t seem to get my cablegram to you or any quicker.

Tomorrow I’ll call the bank & check on the allottment [sic]. Honey, please write me how much you have collected each month, so I can see what deductions have been made & then check with the bank & war bonds. We did’nt [sic] receive a war bond this month so far!

Also—as yet, no money order or package from you! When did you mail them?

I shall send you 9th Army clippings until your P.D. subscription catches up with you; I’ll order it tomorrow!

I hate to send you any packages until some of the packages that have been sent catch up with you. Don’t write for foodstuff—when it’s in transit for over 2 mos. (the way most of your packages are) how can it be any good?—except canned stuff. Plus the fact—no sense overeating or eating “junk” & getting sick! P.S. you must have about 6-7 packages in the mails—if not more—that is, from me, family & friends.

I love you & always will. You are part of me.


I may be able to get a priority because of new job & Dad wants to buy car & give me Chrysler. I would pay him (monthly) & we would have a car!

[Transcription ends]