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Friday, 12/29/44, 9:25 p.m.


Tonight the Community Center wasn’t opened, so I thought I’d have one night in which I could fully relax, but no—

Fred is leaving [at] 6:00 tomorrow morning, so I sat around until he came & bid him a very fond farewell! The kid is no “slosh” on kissing; but he still has alot [sic] to learn—from you! Also, since this is Uk’s & Fred’s last night together, I did her nails & let her use my Chanel # [sic] 5, my girdle, my shoes, coat, scarf, gloves & earrings. However, I must admit that she looked stunning!

Boy, I was thrilled today to receive 3 V-Mails from you dated 12/18, 12/19 & 12/[?]. Imagine, the last two were in their original form (not photographed) & they reached me in 9 days. I’m sure not complaining.

War news was pretty good today, if you don’t consider the lives lost—to regain the territory from the Germans!

Glad you finally received my wire. Shall I try & send you another one tomorrow[?]

I lost the “winding appartus” [sic] on my watch. Dad is wearing Mort’s watch, so he gave me his to wear! As long as it keeps time that’s all I care about!

After nap hr., one of the kids awoke with a rash & a slight temperature. I got scared of scarlet fever & isolated him. Gee, I sure hope we don’t have any epidemics in my school. I try to give a good morning medical inspection & hope my ass’ts do, too! Told the parent not to bring him in the a.m. unless he gets a statement from a dr. that the kid’s okay!

Mort called this minute. He’s just fine—been trying to call for 2 wks.—was rather anxious about you as we all are—were--& they’re “pulling out” around the 7th or 8th!

I’m loving you every minute.


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