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Saturday, 12/30/44, 9 p.m.

My most precious sweetheart,

As I was walking along Euclid Avenue this afternoon I “bumped into” Saul Sunshine, 2nd Lt., stationed some place in N.C. He was home on leave and looked just swell. He sends his best regards to you and was certainly surprised to learn you were overseas. Seems that he went back to Fort Sill (the meeting place) and inquired as to our whereabouts. Heard we were sent to Camp Claiborne and was under the impression that we were still there.

Also Evelyn Lissauer called me this evening and told me about your meeting with her husband. You probably wrote me about it, too, but as yet, I haven’t received that letter. She’s secretary to one of the Jewish Social Agencies here and doesn’t seem to[o] happy with her job. Sorry—I can’t say the same about mine. Suggested getting together some night as I’m not going to be off on Sat. for three weeks as my ass’ts like that day too. Evelyn didn’t seem to care to move her ass out of the house, so we have a tentative date for lunch for Sat., Jan. 20 when I’ll be off. She never goes out in the evenings—seems to just work and come home, work and come home. Now, I dunno about that attitude! Her kid sister just got initiated into UK’s sorority. Uk says the kid sister is a sweet, little nobody! Well, that’s the dope on that!

Went downtown on my half day off. Sent you a wire. Took in your request for films and should have films in three to four weeks for you, so you can expect another package by then! Wonder why you haven’t received some of the other packages that have been sent to you???????

Had to send in my financial report to the Bd. of Educ. today and honestly worked all morning on it, and I just couldn’t get the damm [sic] thing to balance. Well, finally it did, but oh gosh, I was ready to quit my job by then. Sure wish you were home—my job would then be a cinch! Fed’l is complaining because my enrollment is only 7, but dammit, it’s publicities [sic] fault, not mine. All I’m suppose[d] to do is run the place. Personally, I’m not crazy about the location of the school, but fed’l keeps pointing out that in a residential neighborhood there must be many working mothers. Well, again, I dunno!

Found some cute red and yellow panties which I couldn’t resist—naturally!

Thought I’d write a bunch of letters tonight, but had to do some reports on the individual children for school, so I’m pretty tired by now. You see, we keep a social history and progress chart on every child.

Yesterday, Mrs. Kramer and Hattie informed me how much they adore working for me, so gosh, I hope they stick. They’re not the best; but they’re the best you can get now!

Ordered the book “It Runs In the Family”—still think it’s a grand book on family living.

Spoke to Sanf this evening—everything okey doke at the B. Speerts residence. Sanf could be a wide-awake, aggressive, interesting fellow, but it doesn’t seem that he has the proper incentive to wake him up and get him out of his lethergy [sic]! Also, honey, he is scared stiff to “hitch his wagon to a star.” Sometimes he bores me to death—I like people with vim, vigor and vitality!

Your letters are exceedingly interesting. Today, I received your V-Mail of the 16th and your air mail of the 19th. Your comments on the people you meet are very good observations, it seems to me!

Mrs. Hecht and her kind annoy me to death and I try to make it my business to steer as clear of them as possible because they make me nauseas, too! Of course that’s another reason I don’t have much to do with either of our parents—their attitudes toward the war in my mind is stinko!

I miss you so very much. My darling, you are all I want and more! I love you very much, and if I could have you to myself for one blessed week-end I’d hold you tight, mother you, and then, love you violently, and then, mother you some more! Gosh, imagine what I’ll do to you when I have you at my side for years!! Don’t worry about me sweets! You’ll find a slim, healthy, virile gal awaiting you! Just be sure and take care of yourself.

I adore you,


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