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Sunday night, 12/31/44


I really went “to town” today on letters. I wrote the Temkins a thank you card for their greetings; Melnikoffs, Moskowitz, Hamburg, Geo. Miller & Filiurins postal cards; letter to Mort, Shors, Camille Marcus, Gloria Glaze (one whose husband was lost over France last yr.), T.L. Smiths, Reubens, Fred Grail (who sent me a birthday card), Pevsner, Mrs. Kargl (and asked her about postwar job in S.A.), Feldmans (finally), Hirshfield, Bjorkmans, Lolly, and a V-mail to Jerry Black, and my religious friend, John Allen. Also, sent you 3-cent envelopes (2 of them) filled with these letters that I answered. Not bad, eh what? And I’m starting the new year with all my letters answered.

Outside of writing letters I balanced our budget for this month to learn that together we spent $266.57. For the entire year, we spent $3,732.92 which is about an average of $311.08 per mo. and $77.74 per week. Gosh, we’re not slouches, are we??? But we lived and really had fun, didn’t we? However, on the new budget book, I’m going to work our spendings somewhat differently. I’m only going to take into account the allotment I get each month and the money I earn. Then, I plan to live merely on the allotment! The other way, I had always been figuring the money you get now as your spending it. It’s kind of involved, but then, it doesn’t really matter, or does it?

Mom and Dad are leaving for Florida Wednesday. Since I’m running the house while they’re gone, I’m not giving them the usual $40 for room and board but will use that for food and household expenditures!

Sanf came over this afternoon and honestly, I really told him a few things. I told him he was definitely phlegmatic in my mind—that he thinks he is the only one that works hard and is perfectly content to just sleep! He did admitted [sic] that he was very conceited and hated to pursue any girl, plus the fact that he was conceited enough to think he works very hard. We really had a good “bull session.” Then, he went on to say he thought he would wait until he was 35 or 40 to get married. He wanted to give his wife security. After all, don’t most marriages break up because of money! Boy, Uk, Dad, Mom and I really “gave it to him” and I brought out my textbook on “Marriage and the Family” by Bayer to quote that financial difficulties is [sic] not the fundamental cause of divorce. Financial difficulties develop from a more deep-seated cause! Honey, a girl sure would have plenty of obstacles to overcome if she married Sanf! Personally, I don’t think his friends are very stimulating either!

Don’t ever mention this to Sanf! But you know that I tell you everything my darling! I told Sanf that he was an AK—why doesn’t’ he relax and enjoy life—after all, we can’t control every situation we meet. I said—I couldn’t control Vic’s going overseas or the war happening, and now, dammit, even though I miss and love Vic, I’m thinking of going on a vacation in April and having one hell of a time—in fact I’m going to N.Y. and I don’t think Vic would care if I do meet my old beau, Fred Grail. He would expect me to have a good time. At this, Sanf remarked that of course he didn’t ever see a marriage that was as almost perfect as ours—in fact, he thought it was perfect! Naturally I have no intentions of having a rendezvous with Fred, but if he is in N.Y., I certainly intend to say “hello” to him! Now, here is the funniest thing. Sanf is always so logical and so controlled that I chid [sic] him for it. I say that a person shouldn’t be as inhibited

as Sanf is. I said that I was rarely, if ever, inhibited. Anyhow, then Sanf said that he has to be inhibited with me. Something sounds “fishy,” and not to be conceited, but I’m afraid the boy really likes me. Honestly, he acts like he’s afraid to hold my hand or kiss me on my birthday or any other occasion—either because people will talk, or that he’s afraid to let his feelings really show. Silly, isn’t it?

Of course, my darling, don’t let any of the above strike you that I have designs on any other men! You know my opinion of women that play around (while their men are gone)! And anyhow, you ought to be darn sure of my love, because I love you so very much that it ought to reach out and envelope you! You are everything to me!

Of course, lots of people say you shouldn’t write anything that will rise [sic] doubt in your husband’s mind that you love him, but my husband’s mind is very unusual—he can hear the baloney because he is sure of my love!

Washed my hair this morning, so now I’ll put it up and go to bed! Naturally, I’ll dream of you!

Happy New Year sweetheart! Shall we plan on being together some time in ’45?

All my love always, Edith

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