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31 December 1944

Somewhere’s [sic] in Belgium

My adorable sweetheart,

Today was a mail-less day for me but you can’t hit the jackpot all the time, I suppose. However, as long as no mail is distributed throughout the Bn I don’t mind, but when others get it and I don’t, I scream.

Today the weather warmed up a bit and sure enough we had a glimpse of snow flurries.

It seems that nearness to the front doesn’t alter military justice so I’ve got my hands full again with another court martial case—this one from another battalion.

Nothing new or eventful these days—same old stuff of “sitting and waiting” for things to happen.

The division is building up a fine reputation for itself. Although the newspapers are close-mouthed concerning the activities of the outfit, fellow outfits, as well as the enemy, is [sic] building up a healthy respect for the outfit. It’s surprising, but the outfit seems to accomplish things inspite [sic] of itself.

Tonight is New Year’s night and the only difference between this night and any other night is the date.

Oh yes, we received some champagne tonight which I may try. Gee, if only we were together to greet the new year. With good fortune we should be together to greet 1946. Darling, I miss you like mad and I long to feel your caresses. I know darling, you feel the same way and that’s what makes me extra happy.

In last night’s letter I told you that we were going to have our big dinner today, but instead I hear that we’re going to have it tomorrow. Say, I had a swell plate of French fried potatoes today made by one of the Belgian women in whose homes our men stay. She asked me if I would please take some and the potatoes did look very tempting.

These people can’t get over the wonderful feeling between officers and enlisted men in the American army. They say the Germans were terrible in that respect, constantly yelling at their men. Oh, well!

Doc Luddecke just dropped over and we’ve got hold of the champagne after all! Each of us have a bottle of champagne and we’ll probably kill our bottles tonight. We’ve got them outside now getting cold.

I’ve borrowed some glasses from the family here and we will make our toasts. Here’s to you darling and many years of joy and happiness!!!

I’m enclosing a 20 franc note of Belgian money. Since each franc is worth $.023 in American money, a 20 franc note is worth $ .46. Put it among our souvenirs.

Shelton, [?], Doc & myself plan to drink champagne this evening until we get mildly drunk. Whatta hell of a way to celebrate New Years. Incidentally, at midnight every gun on the Western Front will fire on the enemy simultaneously. What a fireworks!

Goodnight Darling—Happy New Year.

I love you,


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