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Sunday, 10 December 1944

Somewheres [sic] in Germany

Putzie Pie,

I didn’t receive any mail today so expect a couple of letters tomorrow. I’m easy to get along with.

Today was clean-up day for Shelton and myself [sic] so we journeyed back to Holland to take a wonderful bath. Yesiree, it was just as elegant as ever.

As we passed by some of the small towns, many of the civilian population was [sic] on their [sic] way to church, etc. The little kids were dressed so neat and tidy. Despite the fact that the country was occupied by the Nazis, these people have not let down on the standards of cleanliness. Some of the little baby girls are so cute with curls, etc. As you pass by they call to you, “Hello Baby.” It’s some of the words they know in English. Naturally, their motive is to extract chocolate, sweets & chewing gum from the children-loving GIs.

We saw one dressed in a little white fur coat, fur hat, and muff. I like the little ones but the older ones don’t interest me. They show too many of the ravages of having lived in an occupied country for a long time.

I checked on that bond and allotment deduction. You should receive $25 more for October and a $50.00 bond. Our office here is running it down and will write to the office of dependent benefits if necessary.

Last night we got beat in the Casino game. It was our first loss in 3 consecutive nights. I think both Doc and I were a bit off form.

By the way, sweets, I discovered last night that Doc & “Winkie” celebrate their anniversary one (1) day before ours. They were married on 13 June 1942, whereas we tied the “famous knot” one day later. Isn’t it a coincidence?

Last night I got into a writing mood and wrote letters to the Melnikoffs, Kitty Speert, Ukie, Speerts, and I dropped a letter to Lil Goldberg. Do you ever see her? There’s a good kid that’s “going to pot” unless she gets “the hell away” from her folks, don’t you think?

Sweetheart, I wish I could tell you I love you in a more satisfactory manner than writing about it, but I guess it will have to do at the present time.


Vic [Translation ends]