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Saturday, 2 Dec. 1944

Somewheres in Germany

Light of my life,

Yes, sometimes I even go poetic, but then it’s to show you how much you mean to me. Today I received no mail whatsoever—it’s the first time in a long time that I failed to receive mail and I don’t mind telling you that I didn’t like it one bit. Darling, I’m not chewing you out, I know you write each day. Sweets, you know that I write 2 letters to you every day—one an air mail letter and one a V-mail letter.

Nothing new happening around here as far as we’re concerned—just sitting on our respective “asses.” However, some of the other elements of our outfit is [sic] very, very hush and doing a darn good job, too. I hope they lieft [sic] the ban on censorship so I can tell you what an outstanding job the outfit is doing.

Trench-foot seems to be giving the dough-feet a lot of trouble, so we in the artillery have to check the men’s feet each and every day to make sure the men are taking care of their feet. Since our men are very little exposed to the elements we do not have any trouble on that score.

We’ve listening to the Army-Navy game and to add special interest we organized a pool in which every officer selected a no. which he thought would be the cumulative score of the game. I selected no. 34 and plunked down 50f ($1.00). If I win, I get $42.00. Golly, I’m going to the dogs in a hurry, gambling, etc.—but you still love me, don’t you, despite my faults?

“Doc” Luddecke continues to be a “good Joe” and we have a load of fun. Imagine last night Shelton, Doc, Haygood and myself played the game ,“What object in this room am I thinking about?” Isn’t war hell?

Here’s something that’s hard to believe. We’re starting to send men on 2-day passes to a not to[o] far away town in Holland and it’s hard to believe at the number of men who refuse the pass. The officers are not eligible for passes.

There’s talk of passes to Paris, but at the rate of men to go on pass it will take one year to get them all on pass. As far as I’m concerned I’ll take my pass when I get home and cane [sic] take it with you.

Not a heck of a lot to write darling, so I’ll say the usual good night, dear, and sweet dreams.

Oddles of love,


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