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Thursday, 11/30/44, 9:45 p.m.

In bed without first taking a bath

Precious darling,

Mail service isn’t too bad since today I rec’d your two V-mail letters dated 11/18 & 11/19. However, I still can’t help but wish for quicker service!

As yet, I haven’t rec’d your money order or package, but guess it’ll be around eventually. Sure hope my camera has finally reached you as I know I sent it the day you left the states.

I rec’d a letter from Lt. Amster—I’ll forward it to you as soon as I answer it. It was a very cute letter & did cheer me up—whether it was or wasn’t meant to cheer me up, I don’t know—but, it did! Also, heard from the Bjorkmans who said they heard from you. Gee honey, you should be getting mail from lots of our friends.

Heard from Mort today & he feels fairly certain that he won’t be in the states for Xmas. But—our family is rather used to having our loved ones dispersed around the world.

When I awoke this morning I had a slight cold, but what can you expect from living in a climate like this—snow & wind-nuts! So—I start to drive the car—ooph—battery dead! Dad & I pushed the car out of the garage & then he pushed me with his car & I got started. My battery is now being re-charged, oh shucks!

I figured up our budget for Nov. & the darn car is what made the budget so high. Honey, I balanced it by just adding it once—pretty nifty—huh? I figured you spent $85.30 this month plus some stuff I bought (toiletries) to send you eventually--$86.46. Here are figures:

267.00 You make

25.00 Folks


155.00 Wife


6.70 Ins.


When I get the $80.00 you sent, I’ll call it $75.00 bond & subtract that from your column for next month. Catch? Here’s how figures stood:

1.68 – misc.

20.00 – rent

26.22 – food & meals out

15.05 – clothing

3.50 – beauty parlor

5.30 – Dr., diet & toiletries

86.46 – Vic

7.87 – papers, mag. & stamps

6.60 – cleaning & repairs

5.15 – recreation & entertainment

10.35 – Ins. 6.70-Vic 3.65-hosp. (mine)

6.68 – gifts

19.23 – car

3.429 [sic] – Rapid & street car

37.50 – bond, I bought


Gee, sweetheart, the longer you’re away, the worse it gets—I just can’t get used to existing without you. I love you very much. You’re ever in my thoughts & my heart.

Spoke to your mom & Sanf this evening—everything is okay at their place.

Forever yours,


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