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Monday, 11/27/44, 10:45 p.m.

My most wonderful darling,

Received your lengthy air mail letters dated 11/15 & 11/16. For a change, I got a pretty good idea about how things stand with you.

Your article from “Stars & Stripes” came on the very day I had made up my mind to make an app’t to give blood even if they “puncture me full of needle holes” trying to get it. I’ll make an app’t the first free moment I have!!

Thank Cap’t Shelton & Lt. Haygood for their few words. The first chance I get I’ll write them my personal “thank you.” Also, I’ll make it a point to write Patty Shelton again—in hopes of getting some reply.

I haven’t rec’d the $80.00 money order but I’m sure it’ll be along & I’ll buy us a bond! As soon as I receive it I’ll let you know.

The poem, “The Other Side” from Lt. Wittman’s hometown paper, is damn good & I shall not hesitate to read it to everyone I know.

Gosh honey, I’m glad you’re enjoying some comforts while you can. About the “urinal pot”—I laughed & laughed. However, if you become proficient as a “pot-empty-outer,” I may even consider letting you have the privilege of emptying “the potty” when Jr. gets through!

I know the 84th is a well-trained outfit--& I know the F.A. Unit is good & I know the men have their duty to perform! I know everything will come out “okay” but do be as careful as you can, darling & God bless you!!!

Rec’d a letter from Fred Grail & that was all the mail today.

The package you rec’d from the Workingmen’s Circle was not from the Rosens. Dad is a member—that’s how you got it—just for being Mr. S’s son-in-law. However, the Rosens did send you a package which should arrive shortly. Wonder what happened to the camera I sent you?

Darling, you’re worried something may happen to me. You say, life wouldn’t be worth living—well, my sweetheart, I feel the same way about you. If something should happen to you, I will have no incentive to live—precious, you are part of me!

Today, I became a member of the Council for Childhood Education of Greater Cleve. & went to their meeting at the Bd. of Educ. Bldg. Guest speaker was Dr. Marion Edman who spoke on “Unity Thru Understanding” & she was terrific! The [sic] “hit” the “color situation” straight in the face. Keynote of her speech was “discrepencies [sic] between Am. ideals & Am. pratices in the Am. dilemma.” Fault is not with the minority groups but with ourselves. She gave a short talk on “why prejudices exist” & where can we start to do away with it” [sic]—to educate people? Her answer:--1) moral reasons—sense of right & wrong still exists; 2) must do it to have Peace—appealing to “self-interest.” After all 2/3 of [the] world are [sic] colored people. Then, of course, she talked about what the teacher could do in the classroom. There were both colored & white teachers present & there was plenty “stirring” in the group as she talked, but hallelujah—she put her point across!

Sweetheart, if there is anything I’m not doing that you’d like me to do or vice versa, please write me! Every night I write you an honest letter of my daily thoughts & doings. Away from me, you can look at this objectively & tell me what more I can or cannot do!

I adore you, my darling! I ache for you physically & mentally!—you’re my everything!

Forever yours—


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