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27 November 1944

Somewhere in Germany

My wonderful sweets,

Today the mailman brought me 4 letters & 2 packages. Ukie’s letter, your v-mail letter of the 14th of Nov., and your air mail letter[s] of the 16th and 17th of November arrived as well as a Christmas package from Harold & Alma and the cigarette lighter from Mort. This regular mail delivery is doing wonders for my morale even though it hasn’t suffered of late.

That party for Sanford sounded darn cute. Gee, hon, I’m so terribly sorry that you didn’t feel so well that evening.

Darling, I’ve asked you to mentioned [sic] the dates you receive my letters—merely to determine how long my letters take to reach you.

You know, I’ve sent you the suede brush in the same package I mailed you the film. Some of the remarks in this letter may be rather disjoined [sic] since I am scanning your letters for queries, etc.

Is it considered a privilege to join the Cleve. Assoc. for Nursery Education? Do join, ear, if you think that you’ll get anything which will benefit you professionally.

As far as money, dear, don’t worry your pretty little head. I can’t spend money here for “love or money.” I think we’ll be sitting pretty nicely by the time the war is over and I hope it’s over tomorrow.

That little story of the “Jones Boys” is cute. All of the officers are getting a kick out of it. And as far as that article by Richard Harding—we said the same thing ever since we had the opportunity to visit San Antonio.

Darling, I’m becoming quite a correspondent, if I have to say so myself. I’m right up to the minute on all my correspondence and have been averaging 6 to 7 letters per night. Sweets, if you were at my side, you’d be doing all the letter writing—you know it, don’t you? What I wouldn’t give to have you at my side—Oh, Boy! Just one hour of love!!

Lt. Haygood[‘s], one of the battery officer’s [sic] wife is expecting a baby around Christmas. Gee, but he worries himself sick and is really “sweating it out.” Watching him makes me glad that we didn’t plunge before I came over.

The Rueben’s [sic] Xmas box arrived in excellent shape. It contained anchovies, salted pecan nuts, mints, gums, book, cheese spread, gum, candy & canned frankfurters. Each item was individually wrapped in pieces of “P.M.” paper. This makes the second time I received anchovies. The first came in Rosen’s [sic] package. I really and truly like them, too.

Ukie’s picture is rather charming and does her proud.

I’m sending out some G.I. Christmas cards if I can get to it. Say, sweets, how is your dieting coming along? I’m awaiting a report on latest developments.

This evening we took pictures of our little cellar “den.” If the pictures come out O.K. I’ll send you the negatives. There’s an awful lot of “rigarole” [sic] you’ve got to go through to get films printed. First you’ve got to send the roll of exposed film to a censor who develops the film & censors it. Your negatives are returned and I’ve yet to learn where you get them printed.

Are you adding any photos to the album? Why not? O.K., so you are. You know, I’d like to spend about 10 minutes with you in a “hollering session” followed by a love session (frustrated personality). I suppose you know I’m saving all your letters and hope to be able to read them to our kids when we gather around the fire for a family bull session. That will be fun, darling.

Honestly, honey, I’m feeling swell and my morale is excellent. As soon as the censorship ban is lifted I’ll be able to tell you all about our outfit[‘]s contribution to history. Are you saving all the clippings about the 9th Army[?] I want to put them in a scrap book.

Goodnight, darling. It’s late and I must have my 10 hrs. sleep. I love you like mad and can’t wait to have you in my arms.


[Transcription ends]