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Sunday, 11/26/44, in bed 9:20 p.m.


It seems an eternity since I saw you—altho’ actually, it’s only a little over 2 mos. since we’ve parted. But my loneliness seems to increase as time goes by!

Sanf didn’t come over today, after all. I called him, but he didn’t have any reason. Guess I’ll go over there one night this week! Altho’ honestly, darling, when I work 1-6, I’m more exhausted than working 7:30-3:30 or any of those early hrs.

Am reading Get More Out of Life by Catherine Groves, but, so far, she offers nothing startling, or even anything I didn’t know!

Uk & I had dinner at Clarks & then we went to see “Hail the Conquering Hero” at the Colony. It was entertaining & I enjoyed it!

You know, darling, some times [sic] (especially on Sundays) I feel like a “heel”—I feel I’m not contributing enough to the war effort. But, during the week, when I come home exhausted, I can’t think of anything but you & sleep. And on Sundays, I get a chance to hate civilians—some of them are really doing little or nothing for the war effort. I guess I feel especially that way after seeing a film like “V.1 Robot Bombs” released by U.S. War Inf. etc. & shows [of] the bombing & destruction of London. Again, I must say—Am[icans] don’t know what war is!

Dad thinks the Europen [sic] War will be over by Xmas ’44. I bet him $100.00 bond that the war won’t be over before next Aug. or Sept., but I certainly hope he wins the bet!

Darling—I love you so very much—Bubsie, dear, my thoughts are ever of you! I plan and re-plan our future, but as long as we’ll be together, I know the future will be both pleasant & interesting.

All my love always—


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