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Saturday 11/25/44, 10:15 p.m.

In bed wearing white p.j.

with blue piping

My beloved,

Today I rec’d a letter from the Army War Bond office in answer to my letter & they answered that as of Sept 1, ’44, “bonds will be issued only when a list is rec’d each month from each military organization stating that the deduction has been made from the purchaser’s pay.” They say you should see your C.O. about the matter & if I hear of no results in 90 days, I should write them again & then they will try to see who’s at fault! Do the best you can about taking care of this matter!

By the way, sweetheart, how is your financial status? What am’ts have your paychecks been?

If we do not get $25.00 more for Oct. on our checking acc’t by December 1st—I’ll write & see what can be done about it.

The only other mail we got today is from Sylvia Hirschfield & situations with her remain unchanged. Tonight I wrote to Mort, Ethel Laufman, Kitty, Camille & Lee Shaw. I’m forwarding their letters to you.

Had a half-day off today, so I went to the library & then I did some Xmas shopping. Uk & I are having a Xmas tree & exchanging Dime Store gifts & one good gift to each other. It’s going to be fun, but not as much fun as we had last year, because you won’t be around with you[r] “wisecracks,” twinkling eyes & dimples! Oh yes—found some Marlin blades. When I hear you have rec’d packages, I’ll forward them to you.

Went up to see Dr Seigel today. I weigh 125 lbs. I’ve lost 15 lbs. since you saw me & weigh 4 lbs. less than when you married me. I feel wonderful & look “rather trim.” Of course, I’ll never have “small” thighs, but I must admit, they’re ½ the size they were. Well, I’m not taking any more pills & I’m going to try to sustain that weight. When I know you’re coming home & I intend to buy some clothes at that time, then I’ll try to get down to about 118-120 lbs.

Spoke to Sanf this evening and he’s coming over tomorrow to get the bottle of Raybark Cologne I was able to get for him plus get my correspondence about his ring. He sent it back to have the yr., etc. put on it & they’re charging him $5.00 extra. Now I know engraving was included in my charges. So, we shall straighten that matter out!

There’s a new song out, “Don’t Fence Me In”—should be “our” theme song since we love Texas so much.

I do hope a good portion of my mail has caught up with you so you can hear over & over how very much I love you. I don’t think I’ve ever forgotten to write “I love you” cause loving you is ever in my mind & my heart cause you are part of me!

Together forever—as one


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