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25 November 1944

Saturday’s activities in Germany

My darling,

Today was an eventful day in more than one way. In the first place I received the camera. Thanks lots, dearest. I have one roll of 127 but this is not sufficient and since film is very difficult to get here, I would appreciate receiving film from you.

Today the mailman was not kind to me and I received no mail from you. I hope you are more fortunate than I am.

I also celebrated today by taking my weekly bath. Since our regular shower point was closed, I journeyed to a nearby Dutch town and obtained the use of their bathing facilities. The bathroom was located in a building near the coal mines. This building housed bathrooms which the miners used and had opened the doors so that the soldiers could use the facilities. They had special rooms which the officers used and contained both shower and bathtub. The hot tub was elegant and I took my good old time (you know how long it takes me). Remember the fun we used to have taking showers together?

Well, I made a complete change of clothing even to changing my O.D.s which I hadn’t changed since the day I landed in England. Don’t you think it was about time? However, I did wash the collar and sleeves periodically so the collar wasn’t as black as it could have been.

At the present time it’s 6 o’clock in the evening here which makes it 1 o’clock in the afternoon in Cleveland. We expect to hear the Ohio State-Michigan game and listen to State take Michigan for a beating.

Our food continues to be good and for all I know I may be putting on weight. My Mess Sgt. really takes care of me and last night he even made me a steak.

There is much farm land around here completely under cultivation and it requires no effort to pick your own cabbage, green onions, cauliflower & carrots. Very kind of these people around here.

Passing back through Holland this morning, it’s a real inspiration to see all the women cleaning their homes right out to the road. These people like cleanliness and let you know it, too. “Dutch Cleanser” was appropriately named.

I’m sending you another copy of Yank, some copies of the Stars & Stripes, and a copy of the German paper which is distributed to the German Army. The propaganda is terrific! I hope you can get someone to do the translations. (I would if I were home, but I’m not home, darling.) Sweetheart, I love you madly and I just want one little opportunity to crush you in my arms.

Goodnight, my love,


[Trancription ends]