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Friday, 11/24/44, 9:15 p.m.

Sweetheart darling,

How I am existing without you I don’t know—I just don’t seem to be a whole person—half of me is gone! Your letters are the only things that keep me going. Somehow or other, when I read how much more lonesome you probably are than I am, I think I’m a “stinker” for torturing you with my feelings about not being able to go on & I get a lot of incentive to do the things I know you’d want me to do.

When I found 4 letters from you this evening, I was elated. They were dated Oct. 26 (air mail), Nov. 9 (V-Mail), Nov. 10 (air mail), Nov. 11 (V-Mail).

Honey, you sure are seeing Europe—altho you’re definitely seeing it at its worst. However, I do hope you are enjoying some of your travels even though it is with the U.S. Army.

Sweets—starting Oct. 25th until about Nov. 5th, I sent all your mail to APO 17064. I certainly hope it is forwarded to you. All the rest of the time your mail & all packages have been sent to APO 84. Anytime you do get a mail delivery, it should certainly contain several letters from me. I bet there’s ½ [a] storehouse of mail for you somewheres [sic].

Of course, I called your Mom & told her I rec’d some mail from you. Her first question: “Is he fighting?” I didn’t even feel badly that I couldn’t answer it!

Heard from Mort today & also Uk rec’d her gift from him—4 gorgeous prs. of socks & Mom rec’d a pr. of beautiful gold earrings.

Oh yes—we also heard from Alma & Harold. Harold had the grippe but is okay now. Eventually, I’ll forward the letter to you!

Today, I bought a $50.00 bond with my paycheck & deposited the rest in our savings acc’t—we now have $360.00. However, I’m still “sweating out” several things:

1) Our bonds (deducted from your pay)

2) The $25.00 extra for Oct. allotment

3) Your watch which [the] P.O. is trying to trace for Bulova Watch Co.

I have written letters on all of the above.

My darling—I live only for you!

My love to you always,


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