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Thanksgiving Day

23 November 1944

Somewhere in Germany

Howdy my darling,

Thanksgiving Greetings, dear! I’ve just finished putting away a Thanksgiving dinner which does the United States Army proud. It’s a supply miracle of the age when you can put on a spread which we had right up here in this area. Pity the poor “dough-feet”—they didn’t have it so good. Yes sir, we had roast turkey, cranberries, peas, potatoes, canned peaches, and coffee—can’t complain on that.

Dearest, while I’ve finished eating my meal about 30 minutes ago, I’m going to eat again in about 5 hrs. from now when I shall sit at your side and feel you near me. Sweets, I know you’re a champion cook and the big grievance I have is not being able to partake of your cooking. (Of course, being able to make love to you is such a small matter, isn’t it?) Boy, could I use some of that love-making now! Don’t you worry, I’ll make up for it—and how!

We are continuing to make history and you should hear about us officially before long. We’ve got a bang-up outfit and they’ve done a tremendous job.

Today I received some of your letters dated Sept. 26 & 29. They were Halloween greetings and a 1 1/3-year Anniversary Greetings. Sweets, you’re a doll-baby! Also inclosed [sic] was the letters from your girlfriends which you sent me.

Bubsie, you should see my mustache, it’s getting to be man-sized. I’m not trimming it like the “Shick” type but am growing one on the British type—fully grown with a slight upsweep.

Nothing new or unusual has happened today. The weather has been bad—raining most of the time, but since we have a very dozy room we don’t mind the elements.

Are you getting my mail regularly, darling? You know, dearest, I don’t mind if your letters are a month old—I enjoy them nevertheless—it’s because I’m in love with you.

So Ohio State is going to win the championship—my, my.

We have a lot of fun around here—kidding around. Lt. Haygood’s wife is expecting a baby around Christmas and we’re really “sweating” him out. Bubs, maybe we were smart that we didn’t start Jr. on the way. I don’t think I’d be able to take it so easy. I want to be with you all the time while you’re giving birth—not just when the bundle arrives.

I love you, darling,


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