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Thursday night

June 7, 1945

My precious one-

Gosh, do I itch?! You know I think I itch cause I was out in the sun all day + have a slight tan! The weather was lovely for a change!

I was “tickled pink” to receive your air mail of the 26th, because, of course, that meant I rec’d the snapshots. Honey, your new jacket looks stunning on you; but I still wish you’d put on more weight! You are a handsome guy- anyhow, I think so! I got a “big kick” out of that picture of Nick. Gee dear- keep sending me snapshots - - I enjoy them so very much.

A couple of nights ago, I had a very vivid dream- I was a WAVE, + doing some sort of personnel work. You were very proud of me, + in my dream I felt so very satisfied with myself. As you know, dreams sometimes mirror the unconscious mind, + gosh, my darling, I do feel a little frustrated for not having joined one of the services.

Your cablegram came today for Eunice + Mort, + Ukie rec’d her cablegram from you. Honey, she really was “touched” + I don’t mean maybe. That was just about the sweetest thing you could have done, + she cried all over the place!

Mrs. Yost came out today - - she seemed quite pleased with the place. She’s very anxious for all directors to attend the meetings for Dr. Langdon.

Honey, we’re having a few new entries in school- + a few withdrawals of older children, i.e., Dickey Macman. We’re “running” 35 children so far! Well, we got a new little boy Lance Righter, 3 yrs. Old, who looks like a magazine cover child - - blue eyes, blond hair + speaks beautifully plus being a very curious child. But he’s an unhappy child - - his mother is a cold + rigid person; + his father is in the service. To tap it off, his grandparents are strict disciplinaries. The poor child is so repressed. Honestly, honey, I wish I could adopt him - - I have so much love + warmth to give him! But- that’s the way it goes!

I love you, dearest, + can’t wait to have your child!

Good-night beloved-


Hope you enjoy the clippings from PM.

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