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Wednesday, 11/22/44, 9:00 p.m.

My dearest darling,

The radio is “blaring” Oklahoma & I don’t blame the state if they adopt it for their song—it’s grand—full of vim & vigor! Gosh, honey, I can’t listen to any music without getting a lump in my throat & remembering some incident we enjoyed together. Just now a scene flashed thru my mind—remember when we went over to the Sandlers’ apt. so Capt. Shaw could hear “I Can’t Say No” & other songs from Oklahoma?—well, the scene I remember is walking the Capt. to the bus. Funny workings of a mind, huh?

I hate to listen to “Duffy’s Tavern” cause it always reminds me of Alexandria & listening to the program while waiting for you to come in to one of your usual 8-10 p.m. suppers! Gosh, sweetheart, even the “roughest” times were swell as long as we were together. I love you so very much—you’re everything to me!

Didn’t feel very well all day today—just kind of lonesome & blue—but when I got home & found your letter I felt better. Your letter was dated 10/27, so I didn’t learn anything new about where you are. However, it was still swell to get a letter.

Also, I rec’d a beautiful, mellow shade of red sweater (80% cashmere-20% wool) from Mort for my birthday. I really was surprised & pleased. He sent Dad two lovely ties for Xmas & I imagine Mom & Uk’s presents are on the way.

Mort called this evening & we all talked to him—he sounds swell, but he hinted that it won’t be long before he’ll say “goodbye” to the states again.

Mort’s copy of the Ohio State Monthly came to the house &I think you might know these people, so here’s the news about them: Lt. Col. Robert (Bob) Levine, 26 yrs. old, (Ast W’39) came home (to Columbus) from Africa-Italy. Army Air Force 4 yrs. -83 combat hrs. on 160 missions. He has: Silver Star, DFC, Air Medal, 11 Oak Leaf Clusters & Croix de Guerre.

Capt. Les Caplan, (BA’33, M.D. ’36) flight surgeon in Italy—been on 120 missions.

Capt. Franklin D. Rodagaugh – Army Medic Corps in Burma

Born to Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Jacoby, BChE, MSc ’41 (Doris Goodman, Educ. ’41) a daughter, Ruth Ellen. Mr. J. is an engineer for Wagner Co., supervising erection of cranes for Navy.

Married: Miss Marilyn I. Halpern to Capt. Jerome J. Friedman (Bus Adm, LLB ’41) in Beverly Hills, Calif., Sept. 10)

Married: Miss Dorothy Altfield to Lt. Milland F. Bornstein, U.S.N.R., Bus Adm, in Elyria

Married: Marge Chalfin (educ.) to Lt. Hy Silverman.

Married: Frances Ellen Sevin to Lt. Sam Shapiro, U.S.M.C.R.

Married: Esther Brales to Ensign Louis Katz, U.S.C.G.R. in Cleve. Sept. 30.

Guess that’s all for now, except that you’ll be both surprised & pleased to learn that I “balanced” our checking acc’t tonite. I just got 3 mos. worth of checks & statement[s]. I got the 2 $30.00 checks you cashed, but as yet, I haven’t rec’d the one you cashed for $20.00. Rec’d $150.00 for Nov. but only $125.00 for Oct. I shall wait & see what happens in Dec. & if I don’t get the additional $25.00 for Oct., I’ll send a letter.

Honey—I’m awfully tired—I think I’ll “hit the hay.”

All my love always,


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