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22 November, 1944

Somewhere in Germany

My beloved Eadie,

Today I received 5 pieces of mail which included (1) air mail letter from you dated the 8th of Nov., (1) letter from Lolly Black which I hope to answer this evening, a V-Mail from you dated the 25[th of] Oct. and (2) V’Mail letters from my folks.

We’re supposed to have the highest priority on mail coming in and not such a high priority on mail going out so I imagine that the situation should be even worse with you. I’m not angry and if you’re not angry, everything is Jake. Sweetheart, I am writing practically every day so I’m taking care of my end of the deal. I love you so very much, my dearest, and regardless of whatever happens you find your way into my thoughts. I don’t know how you do it, perhaps you can tell me.

Nothing new or exciting happened today, just old stuff. We’ve got a darling little den here—pictures on the wall, library cases, carpets on the floor—oh so ducky!

We played bridge last night until 9:00 p.m. and then went to bed. Golly, these 10-12 hr. nights are just too, too, divine.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and believe it or not, we’re going to have a real genuine turkey. Of course, it won’t have any trimmings at the Mess. The Sgt. said that he’s going to do the best he can to roast it. Our food has been unbelievably good here considering our proximity to the action.

I’ve no complaints and I know that we are 10,000% better off than so many of our boys here. Actually, sweets, we have a “bed of roses.”

Each night we have a pack of mail that we all pitch in and censor. Then we brew us some coffee on our elegant stove, bring out our excellent tableware and eat our snack.

I still haven’t received the camera as well as other packages which I presume everybody has sent me (at least their letters intimate such).

Sweetheart, when you eat your Thanksgiving meal tomorrow, I shall be at your side enjoying that delicious meal right with you.

Actually, darling, I’m glad I’m here and doing something “constructive” for the war effort.

The cartoon was cute and I got a “kick” out of it. As I said before, I don’t give a damn for promotions, etc. I’m happy.

What a choicy bit of gossip--”meow.” Listen we shouldn’t talk—who knows what people were saying about us, my dear.

I love you—Mmmmm!


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