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22 November, 1944

Somewhere in Germany

My dearest beloved,

I’m ashamed of myself, I failed to write you an air mail letter yesterday. Sweetheart, you see, we were on the move and I didn’t set [sic] still in one place long enough to write you a long letter but I did drop you a V-Mail letter.

As far as mail was concerned I had a banner day yesterday. Yes, I received 27 pieces of mail, dating from Oct. 1 to Nov. 3. I can truthfully say that I think that most of my mail has caught up with me now, except for the ones you sent to the “Red Ball” mail. Today I received a V-mail birthday greeting. Sweets, you’re a doll!

A lot of things are happening around here which are very interesting and ev-en-a wee bit exciting. Of course us [sic] veterans take this kind of stuff as being the usual.

I can’t for the love of me understand how the army feeds us so well in our location. Just to give you an idea of what we ate this evening: Spaghetti and meatballs! (fresh meat), green beans, stewed tomatoes, vanilla pudding, coffee, orange juice (can). You can’t go hungry on that, can you? The men & officers got another distribution of cigarettes, gum, blades, etc. so everybody is happy.

In our present set-up, Lt. Luddeche is living in our room since Lt. Wittman went on temperary [sic] duty with Division. Our present room in the cellar of a former gorgeous home is not as airy as the others we occupied but, oh so much more comforting. It’s all white-washed and has a library in it with some wonderful litary [sic] books (in German). Doc Luddeche, while perusing about, discovered a copy of Meiv Kamf [1][sic] (in German) which looked as if it had never been used, absolutely new.

As I look through much of the literature I find I can see now how Hitler sold his flock all that propoganda [sic]. One thing is certain, the people bought the stuff and are as guilty as he. Some of the books and pamplets [sic] are beautifully illustrated and right smart photography, too. These bastards were high price “con” men of the first water.

It’s tragic that Germany with one of the highest cultures of Europe has to use that culture to destroy rather than to progress. Oh, well! Since Germany wanted to destroy, so shall she be destroyed.

The weather here has kept up quite well despite this time of the year. We’ve had some rain showers but it has not been too bad.

Tell me when you receive the package I sent you. Goodnight sweetheart, I’m going to drop a line to Sally and June & Kenny.

I love you, my darling

Vic [Translation ends]

[1] Mein Kampf (translated to English as My Struggle or My Battle), the autobiography of Adolf Hitler, published in 1925, outlined his political ideology, the focus of which was “the Jewish peril.”