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Sunday, 11/19/44, 11:20 p.m.

My darling,

Just had to enclose that little clipping—it echoes my thoughts quite a bit!

Today was a rather “blue day” for me cause I guess I didn’t have enough planned things to do. Of course, being without you can make me blue anytime, but Bubsie, I wish I knew more younger people around Cleve., altho’ I still can’t figure out where I’d get the time to spend with them. I mean I’d like to take [sic] with someone in the “same boat” as I’m in. Know what I mean? So far, outside of Amy I haven’t met a sould [sic] who really is in a similar perdicament [sic] to mine, & then, Amy was in the WACS before marriage & didn’t have the adjustment to make that I did.

But—don’t worry, dear. I’ll survive until you come home--& for the present, I’m as happy as can be expected.

Spoke to your Mom & Sanf today. Sanf & I talked for about 30 minutes about a million different things. I still think he lacks certain social graces and he definitely cannot adjust to different classes & ages of people the way you can. You are definitely very adaptable to people if you want to be. Honey, I really feel you could be a great statesman, if that would be your desire.

I finished reading “Your Car Was Made to Last.” I got nothing out of the technical chapter, but the chapter on “Etiquette in a Garage & Service Station” was Cleve besides being information. If I got [sic] ambitious during the week, I’ll quote some stuff to you. However, one thing I remember very vividly is “if a put a boat in, but have it valcanized.” Guess we should have read the book a long time ago. It has definitely straightened me out on some points about the car, itself & how to drive it.

UK & I had dinner at Chin’s—I thought it was my party & was I surprised when UK beat me to the bill! Sadie & Max have been literally begging me to see “Wilson” with them, so UK & I met them at the Keiths. I thought the picture excellent as a whole. However, it had a few minor flaws—2nd wife looked too young—picture forgot that as death drew near, he was paralyzed on left side, etc.! However, it gave a clear picture of a sincere, idealistic, rather stubborn man who was born “30 years too soon.”

I thought I’d send you another cablegram, but I think I’ll wait & find out how soon you rec’d the first one.

Darling—you are ever in my thoughts & in my heart.

I love you, Vic dear,


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