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Sunday 19 November 1944

In Germany

My adorable one,

Today I received your letter dated 6 November 1944. Darling, will you also include in your letters the date when you received my letters? I presume you are doing this.

It seems that my getting on the “Red Ball Express” and then reverting back to the outfit confused you and I can’t see as I blame you. No doubt the air mail will be beating the V-mail since you used the “Red Ball” address on the V-mail and it will take time to catch up.

Today was a beautiful day as far as weather was concerned. I might add it was a good day even for our military activity. The temperature was in the 70s and I went outside merely in a jacket. I can laugh when I think of you back in Shaker Hts., Ohio with that wonderful weather, and I hope, bubsie, you don’t have car trouble again.

I’ve still to receive your cablegram. You know my address is “Ammody.” Do you want me to send you cablegrams?

This morning I went on a little trip to get some information for my Division Artillery Comander. I hob-knobbed with Col’s of different outfit[s] and even spoke with an English Brigadier (Brig-Gen.). By Joe, he was a pleasant chap with a good-sized pot belly.

Sweetheart, I’m very muched [sic] surprised at the division in general. It’s a darn good outfit in spite of itself. You know that our infantry consists primarily of A.S.T.P. college boys which remind[s] me I’ve got to run down Nate Morris and see how he’s getting along.

I know that my finances account was all “screwed up” but I’ve gotten it straighten[ed] out finally. The allotment[s] have been straightened out once and for all. You see, I hadn’t been paid for close to 2 months which added to the general confusion. I hope now things will run more smoothly[;] however, if by the next payment things don’t straighten out with you, let me know, darling.

ETO stands for European Theatre of Operations, O.K.?

Sweetheart, I’m making a request for film No. 127 for my camera. Get me as much as you can. (My new camera hasn’t shown up yet.).

I’ve given up all ideas of promotion and honestly I don’t care one way or another. My main concern is getting this over with and coming back to you to raise little ones. I know you agree.

P.S. I took another swell shower. War is hell (?). Knocking myself out.

Mucha Love,


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