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Staurday [sic]

18 November, 1944

Somewhere in Germany

My darling,

For awhile I meditated over the issue to tell or not to tell you that I was in Germany but seeing as we always shoot straight with one another I decided that the truth is the only way out, right?

I received your letter of the 7th of Nov. entitled “Election Night,” along with the way which you cast your ballot. Everything is O.K. except you voted for George Benda, the petty polition [sic] so what—

Captain Shaw was tickled with the receipt of your letter. He’s a good guy and promises to answer your letter.

Sweetheart, I’m sending you a package containing the following items: copies of Stars & Stripes, a York magazine, your suede brush, a spoon from the English ship, Union Castle, which brought us over, and some German Kodak film which I purchased. It’s size 620 and 120 which are actually interchangeable. Also I have enclosed coins of the various countries I have visited including a German coin.

You know, darling, it’s a real thrill to hear news broadcasts coming over the radio telling all about your outfit and what they are doing. I have to spend time in the S-2’s office and watch the battle lines changing, you know you forget that men and material is out there and the map takes on the aspect of a checkerboard. We had a “shit house” full of mail to cencor [sic] tonight which accounts for my going to bed late—10:00 P.M.

Actually, darling, we’re in a funny position. We’re at war and yet are spectators at all the action.

I’m sorry to hear that your [sic] having trouble with our little “baby.” I chuckle to myself when I think of you swearing. I know your complete repetoire [sic] and wonder if you have added any new acquisitions.

Truly dear, I go to sleep with you in my arms and nothing in this war can harm me.

I’m going to write you a V-Mail, too, so watch for the date.

I love you


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