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Sunday, 12/10/44 10:30 p.m.

Sweetheart darling,

Tried to get alot [sic] done today, but when you awaken at 10 a.m. your day is kind of half gone.

Then, at 2 p.m. I left the house and met Amy Embry & Dorothy Swain & we went to see “None But the Lonely Heart.” Picture dragged in parts & altho the theme was good “Man trying to find a happy life” it was poorly brought out. Naturally Miss Ethel Barrymore was good— After the show we got “spare ribs.” Gosh Amy is sure a grand kid—at least, she doesn’t think the war is over!!!

When I got home, I wrapped packages—I’m sending them both to you tomorrow, but the smaller one is for Cap’t Shaw. He didn’t send me a request, so I used one of yours! Okay? I know he’ll get a “kick” out of it. Sweetheart, I forgot to take the price tags off on some of the stuff—make my apologies to Shaw. Thanks!

Enclosed is a poem one of the WACS in Amy’s office wrote. I think the first part is excellent. She gets a little “mixed up” in her rhyme in the latter part. However, it does express some of my feelings very adequately!

Eventually, I’ll get around to sending you another lengthy letter.

However, whether my letters are long or short, they carry all my love to you.

Yours forever,


Sanf took my advice [sic] & got a date with Elaine Stromberg.

Alice P. called this p.m. She’s in town for week-end & told me to thank you for your V-mail. That was awfully nice of you to remember, dear—she did appreciate the letter.

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