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Friday, 11-17-44

10:15 p.m. in bed

Putzie pie darling,

If you were here right now I don’t think I’d be able to stop hugging you. I love you so very much—I could eat you!

We had Cleveland’s usual rainy weather tonight (all day, too). I thank the Lord, the little car is running & therefore, although the car is a bigger expense than riding Rapid & bus & street car, I must admit it saves me doctor bills!

Mrs. Bennett says the $10.00 raise per 4 wk. pay period as shown on payroll (but not on contract) will be affective [sic] (as far as we now know) for 6 mos., so starting with my pay check (coming this Wed.) I will get $140.00 per 4 wks. You will, also, be interested to know that we have $340.00 in our bank (savings) acc’t. Of course, this will grow and grow as I usually deposit my entire pay check & just live off the checking acc’t.

Started to learn the songs for the “Gay Ninety Revue” with my Dramatic Group. They seemed to go over quite well. One girl asked if we could do “I Can’t Say No.” Of course, I know the song, so I sang it (imagine that) & they thought it so cute that they want to use it in the revue. I can’t see why not!!!

No mail at all today! I’m not complaining about not hearing from you cause I’m sure you write as often as you can; but honestly, darling, when I walked into the house & I didn’t find mail from you, I was terribly blue—all day long I look forwarded [sic] to your letter. Every moment that goes by is a moment of love sent to you. Got it?

Forever yours,


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