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15 November 1944


My darling,

I’ve got hold of a money order blank so I’m sending you $80.00 to put in the bank or preferably to purchase bonds. You see, one spends practically no money here whatsoever and any commodity that one desires from the native folk is obtained by barter.

Are you getting $150.00 per month and a $50.00 War Bond each month[?] It may be a bit late in getting started but you should receive the alione [?] amount each and every month.

The weather here is snappy, but not too cold. This part of the country is damp which makes the cold nasty. Thanks to my golosher [sic] and plenty of clothing, the cold doesn’t bother me.

I’ve sent in one of my other letters a little handmade doily from here. It was given to me as a souvenir.

I’m hoping to hear from you regularly even if certain situations prevent me from writing from time to time—you understand.

Bye—my love,


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