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15 November 1944

Somewhere in Holland

My gorgeous Stinky,

First, I’m going to “chew you out.” You ask for Capt. Shaw’s address [as] well as the other officers[‘] addresses. Buzzie Pie, they are all 327th F A Bn APO 84, etc.,--OK? Capt. Shaw asked me why he doesn’t hear from you. Drop him a line when you can. Sgt. Emby is Hg. Btry. 327th H Bn, etc.—Note Monus is (Pvt?) Hq. Co. 2nd Br 334th Inf.—APO 84 etc.

It’s a good idea, babe, not sending me any packages until I start receiving some. I hear that the package distribution might take a long time. I still haven’t received the camera, or any other package.

That Gerry is a lucky stiff! If I ever get reclassified, I’ll ask for Special Service[;] until that time I want to be a combat artilleryman.

The Edelsbergs have it tough, too. In your next letter to them request that they send you their “T.S.” card[1] so that you might punch their card twice. The Hambergs are entitled to 3 punches—they always have it so tough! You know what I mean—Ruth Millet covers the subject adequately in her article. Speaking about that article it might be a good thing to have those C/O P M groups all over the country.

You might even organize one yourself, if you ever have any time.

Gosh, $100.00 was a terrific price to pay for repairs. However, if you get any use out of it, OK. Are you sure your [sic] not molly-cuddling [sic] the car for sentimental reason[s]?

Gee, honey. I haven’t written anyone but you so if the relatives and all bother you, you’ll understand (I hope).

Ukie’s letter was most appreciative [sic], also I got a thrill out of Dad’s letter from the shoe convention in Chicago. He’s a good Joe, the old man. Tell him I probably passed over some of [the] ground on which he skinned his knees while shooting crap. The little serving kit which Dad gave me made another trip to France & will make another trip back so that it can be returned to Dad. I’ll do my dardnest [sic} to see that our sons don’t make another trip like this. Golly, but I’m becoming very international[ly] minded. (I’m surprising myself.) Gee, I’ve got to get to bed, I’m freezing out here. It gets quite cold out here at night. One thing that we never get [sic] around to doing was to sleep in my sleeping bag, remember? I sleep like a bug in the rug with 6 blankets.

Good night, dearest


[Transcription ends]

[1] “TS cards” is a reference to cards taken to a chaplain to punch whenever a person has been treated unfairly, in jest.