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Friday Midnight



Guess you’ll have to wait until the week-end (I mean Sat. nite) before I’ll really have time to write you a really long letter.

Worked until 7 P.M. & then, bought a Pr. Of brown leather gloves, fur lining ($2.98 & 20% luxury tax) at Sears & Roebucks.—you know, I work practically next door to 3 & R--& I think the gloves are really a bargain.

It feels good to know I’ll be off all day tomorrow. I’ll get caught up on a lot of things.

My dramatic group is going to start working on a Gay Ninety Revue—woo is me!!! I’ll give you results week by week!

Drove the little car without a spare today. Glad it held out! I’ll get tire back tomorrow.

No Mail from you today, but of course, I’m already looking forward to tomorrow. Your letters mean so much to me, because it brings me closer to you & the better I like it. I love you so very much, my darling.

Today, we heard from Lolly. Helen Curley (they are now in N.Y.) & Leo Shaw. I’ll forward you the letters.

I’m going downtown tomorrow & hope to get alot [sic] done!

Gee honey—you are “sweating out” the E. Ohio Gas Co. fire & I’m “seating out” [sic] each new robot bomb attack. We’re “even”—my love!

I can see why you may be slow in getting my Mail, but why shouldn’t I get Mail from you more regularly?

Take it easy—it can’t be tooooo long before we’re together.

All my love,


[Transcription ends]