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10 November, 1944

In Belgium

My darling belowed [sic],

Despite the fact I have a “shit house” full of letters to censor, I’m taking time out to write to you. Sweetheart, the outfit has really traveled since I wrote you last which accounts for the lack of letters to you. To date all of this seems a dream! Traveling from one country to the other, England, France, Belgium, and I have visited Holland, too.

Just think of it, tomorrow we celebrate the 26th Anniversary of the Armistise [sic] whatta joke! I’ll tell you one thing and that it [sic] I’m going to see that this damm [sic] foolishness doesn’t happen again. (Yes, little me is going to add his two cents in international affairs.)

Darling, I received many letters today, the first in 3 weeks. I received some of you[r] letters dated the 3 & 4th Oct. in which you enclosed letters from our friends but the best letter of all was the one of the 23rd Oct. (V-Mail). I haven’t received any of your letters in which you say that you received any of mine. I hope you are receiving my mail.

Sweetheart, I was terribly worried about you when I heard of that disastic [sic] despite the fact I want [to] know you are safe and well. Precious, if anything ever happens to you, life won’t mean anything to me anymore. I’m not kidding, dear, I’m speaking cold hard facts. Yet, I don’t want you to worry about me--how ironic!!

I’ve actually fallen in love with Belgium and Holland. They are like fairy countries you read about having fairy princes. The people are overjoyed at being ridden of the Nazis and are so hospitable & kind to Americans.

Not withstanding the country is so tiny to has [sic] 2 languages. The westerners in Belgium speak French while the Eastern peoples speak Dutch. It’s amazing to learn how few people have ever been outside its borders despite the fact that you can drive through the country in 6 hours. It’s a highly industrialized country and has a good standard of living. Fortunately Belgium was spared the devastation of Holland.

Sweets, it was cold here yesterday. Rain & snow has [sic] made it [sic] entrance and is bringing up that old Ohio weather.

By the way, I also received a letter from Kitty Speert who tells me what a good time she is having.

My languages are coming [in] handy. My German is improving and if it were not for German I would be lost in Holland. Holland has suffered in the war and many of the atrocity stories of the Dutch are true. I discuss polities [sic] with them and from the comments I have heard they want their Monarchy back. Belgium on the other hand wants a democratic form of government.

Despite Europe and its cute little countries I’ll take my cute little baby every minute of the time. I’m not kidding myself stinky. I’ve been thanking the Lord every minute for giving you the determination & persistence to interest me in you. What a lucky guy I am!!!!!!!

Darling, it’s pretty cold out here (we live in tents) so I’ll close with every atom of me crying for you. Bubs, really & truly you are my life.



[Transcription ends]