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Thursday Midnight


My dearest one,

This will have to be rather brief as I spent a rather full evening & it is late!

Rec’d your V-Mail of the 27th that you were returning to your old Bn. & I’m sure you’ll find “loads” of mail from me. Also, I’m glad to know you’ll be back among our mutual friends.

Sanf called me today & told me your folks heard from you, too. Oh yes--I told your Mom I would bring over a cake for Sanf Wednesday neighbor [?} surprise.

Today, we rec’d mail from Camelle Marcus--but knowing I have an eligible brother I don’t blame her for writing me. Heard from Fred Grail who’s still at Westover Field. Also, rec’d a letter from Mont. Well [sic] send you all this mail eventually.

Went to the doctor tonight--I lost 7 lbs. He examined me (took my blood pressure, pulse & heart beat, etc.) & said I was just fine, & to continue with the same pills. He assures me I’ll slowly lose weight from my thighs. I feel lots better than I used to. I really was getting too heavy.

Went to visit Alice P--& her father again & met some interesting people there--a Miss Huey from Cleve. Club & Cleve. Pub. Lib. etc. & a man who’s a “boss” at Dem. Headq. in Cleve.--can’t remember the name. The conversation was both interesting & stimulating. By the way, remember Howard Metgenbaum--he got in on the Dem. Ticket!

Came home & Uk & I got into a “bull session.” She’s a grand kid--I don’t think I’d continue to live here if it wasn’t for her! The folks & their petty quarrels (that they won’t admit as petty) are rather naseating [sic]! But, oh well, shouldn’t be long before we’re together, with a good man at the head of our gov’t it’ll be “full speed ahead.”

I adore you, sweetheart & live only for your return.

Ever and Ever yours,


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