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9 December 1944

Somewheres [sic] in Germany

Precious lover,

The mailman was kind to me today and presented me with 3 letters from you (an air mail dated 29 Nov., 2 V-Mail letters (dated 25 and 27 Nov.), a letter from Ukie and a letter from Kitty Speert[)]. Darling, V-mail may reach you more quickly, but air mail reaches me before I receive V-mail. Naturally, my love, I welcome all letters with open arms.

That’s swell! So the Melnikoffs got a brand-new baby girl. They’re both swell kids and I shall drop them a line wishing them happiness. By the way, the baby was born on Sanford’s birthday.

By this time you have already made a blood contribution. Nice going, baby doll! I only hope that everybody felt [sic] that way. That blood plasma is sure a wonderful boon to life-saving, and with additional casualties, naturally more blood is needed.

Sweetheart, you know it’s strange, but I, too, have thought of us, you and I, in past “stained” situations. An example of which is the incident of the stolen bag, also the curtailed leave in Colorado. Yes, sweets, we have been genuine companions and have leaned upon each other for strength and fortitude. Excuse this, but the previous phrase also offers opportunity for a “sexy” remark. Yes, darling, we have also leaned upon each other for other things (?), too. All right, so I’m frustrated!

Today, we had a taste of snow flurries but as soon as the snow hit the ground, it melted. Some of the men here have picked up skis, etc. and are ready to welcome old man winter. I’ll bet Cleveland is enjoying wonderful weather these days! How would you like to be back in San Antonio[?]

I’m going to check into the Bond matter again and give you full details letter [sic].

Golly, the Col. and Major A[?] are a laugh here among the officers. They don’t command the respect of the officers and actually the battalion seems to run by itself. The Bn. Comdr. Is only interested in saluting and “policing up” the area. Who cares about enemy shelling, etc. and enemy planes? The important thing is that the area is properly “policed.” An example of the above proved extremely amusing today when the Col. (Lt. Col.) ordered Shelton to find the individual who threw unused macaroni outside and immediately break him if the “culprit” happened to be a non-com. Naturally they are the laughing stock of the outfit, but total war includes everything. [?]! We have a lot of fun here and a hell of a good time! If I had you here, I wouldn’t mind being here for awhile.

The article which reported the lecture of Dr. Edman was practically the same as your comments. Darling, when you review a lecture, etc., it’s needless to send me any newspaper account. I’m satisfied with your review.

Honey girl, I am enclosing Kitty Speert’s letter, which I received today and shall answer [?].

Bye for now, dear, the boys are hounding me to play a “cut throat” game of casino so I’ll say good night, my precious.

From your ardent lover,


[Transcription ends]