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Friday Night 11-3-44

10:45 P.M.

My darling sweetheart,

Quite a hectic day today! Mrs. Keifer went home from work today. She felt so ill that she didn’t say a word about ever returning. Of course, rumor has it that she is pregnant! Well, to make a long story short, once again we are short of teachers--& I do mean “short!” Soo, little Edith is not having a ¼ day off tomorrow, plus the fact, that her hours will be very “screwed up” for next week, but--that’s the way it goes! Luckily, I believe, in the good, old army rule--”live from day-to-day!” Just hope I can get a whole day off in the near future!

The car seems to be doing alright [sic] by me & I keep my fingers crossed.

Heard from Helen & Julie Edelsberg today. They have a house in Carmel, Calif.--love Calif.--But don’t have much time together! They should complain! I’d give anything for a day with you! Hon--I’ll send you their letter eventually. Also--rec’d a card from the Ruebens--”Please visit me” is their manin [sic] theme. Also, heard from Bulo[v]a Watch. They are going to try to trace your watch. Dad says not to worry cause if they can’t trace it, they’ll replace it.

Sanf’s ring came today--it is lovely!--Only, I can’t figure out why it doesn’t have the yr. & degree on it--I’m positive I gave them those facts. Well, I’ll give it, as is, to Sanf on his birthday, & then, if he would still like the date & degree, I’ll return it!

The children must bring all their own costumes for our Dramatic Group. Also, I talked to the supervisor of the Center & little or no scenery is available. So--if the kids can get costumes, we’ll have a “gay Nineties Revue” (one costume a piece [sic] should do the trick). If there aren’t costumes, we’ll do “Sducl[?], Hyman Kaplain.” Tonight we did the short burlegue [sic] “Saga of Little Hell [sic].” Next week we will give it for anyone that cares to see it.

Your little girl could really use you around tonight! But--guess I’ll settle for a dream of you.

Good night, my love--



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