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Thursday Night


My Sweetest Darling,

I can’t remember whether or not I have informed you that V-mail usually reaches me sooner than air mail. I wonder which gives the fastest service to you? Again, I’m addressing your mail to APO 84, as I guess, you are back there, because this “form blank V-Mail” I rec’d from you yesterday is all I’ve gotten since Monday.

Today, I rec’d a letter from Evelyn--the baby is still “on its way”--but any day now! Gosh, I guess you just have to be patient with them even before they arrive! Evelyn wrote that she rec’d a very nice letter from you--good going--Bubsie!

This morning I sent you a cablegram--just a form blank but I hope it makes good time.

The car, so far, is okay. Tonight, I took Mom & we drove over to see your folks. Everything seems as good as can be expected. Bubsie es-has [?] a broncal [sic] cold & your Mom has been spending quite a bit of time there. I guess they write you any other news.

Honestly, honey, I try to budget my time, but I never seem to get done all I’d like to do. Nuts! I just about catch up with myself over the week--and--when Monday comes along & I’m back on the “same old grind.”

The family had a letter from Morty today & he writes that he thinks he’ll have his [T]hanksgiving dinner in the States. The kid really got a “lucky break”--God bless ‘em!

Sweetheart--if only I could give you one kiss. Gosh, sometimes I feel actually starrved [sic] for you!! There’s nothing I like to remember better than our 3 mos. in Lawton--what a darling apt.--the setting was perfect for our love--as if we need a setting! Remember those heavenly days--we certainly appreciated them & tried to make the most of our time together. I love you so very much!

Always yours,


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