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Monday night


My precious darling,

Today, I think, most of your back mail has caught up with me. I rec’d 9 air mail letters from you. The first one dated Sept. 30--& the latest dated October 13th. I shall not try to answer or comment on all your queries tonight, cause it’s 11 p.m., & I’m working the 8:30-4:30 shift tomorrow. However, when I get home tomorrow, I’ll write you one of my “super-duper” letters.

You ask me to write to Lt. Amster--I will, if you think he will get it. Well, I’ll take a chance & send it to the 909th F. A. Bn. APO 84, etc. However, what is Cap’t [sic] Shaw’s address? You know I think “the world” of him & would be very glad to write him; but you neglected to send me his address. Also, you sent me the names of officers to receive Xmas cards from us, but you neglected to send me their address[es]. I think we should send a Xmas card to Sgt. Earl Embry since I’m friendly with his wife, and one to Nate Morris, if you know their addresses. Huh? So please, sweets, send me names plus addresses. Thanks.

Shall not send you any packages until I hear you have rec’d some from the states--especially since everyone has sent you something for Xmas. However, shall take your request for films to the Kodak Co. & eventually, I’ll send you out some toiletries--okay, so I can’t spell!

Heard from Red Cross Clubmobile--”you are looking well” according to their form blank. So what?--Personally, I’d rather be the judge! Heard from Lolly--Jerry has been transferred to Special Service & he’s traveling Italy with USO troupers. What a life! Also, rec’d a letter from Fred Livingstone--he’s still in the hospital & plenty disgusted.

Gosh honey, before we were married, I wondered what we’d talk about all our life. And now, since we’re married, I haven’t been able to shut my mouth, i.e., supposed this short letter [?].

Met Mom in town tonite--had dinner & thought we’d do some shopping, but instead, it was so late when we finished dinner, we merely found a pair of earrings to match one of Uk’s dresses. Oh yes--spent $1.00 & bought Sadie a pr. of earrings. She has been awfully sweet about sending you “goodies” & I did want to show my appreciation!

Gee honey--I crawled into bed with your 9 letters. Not having you around, they had to do quite a bit for my morale & they did!--It was wonderful--I pretended you were merely talking to me--oh!!

I’m making application for a “B” or “C” book as it is going to be terribly hard for me during the winter months.

So far--no ill effects from the pills & physically, I feel a little lighter & much healthier.

I adore you, Bubsie--



[Transcription ends]