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11 p.m.

Dearest One--

This morning I got up at 7:30. I just couldn’t sleep; so I wrote three more letters--one to Martha Altman, to Ethel Laufman & a V-Mail to Sylvan Laufman. Under separate cover I’m sending you my letters from Ethel & Martha.

By the time I had breakfast, read the paper & talked to Mom it was almost noon. So, I decided to really clean drawers--& boy, I “went to town” & got rid of a lot of useless stuff.

Then, I had lunch & started to clean the 3rd floor which took me until after four, but I really did a swell job! Your Mom called about that time to say that Sanf had the car fixed & I wouldn’t have to call for them. So, I picked up grandma, Sadie, Max & Max’s uncle, Mr. Zimmerman--he’s 70 & visited them for 3 days. He’s from St. Louis, a grand, old gent! Sadie was her usual “bitchy” self--couldn’t make up her mind whether or not to eat with us, etc.

However, Sadie & your Mom “hit it off” as they both cry on each other’s shoulders.

Sanf & Soph both worked today at their respective jobs. Of course, Sanf could come with the folks, but Sophie couldn’t--she was just too busy! Doesn’t that sound exactly like her?

Well, your folks stayed until 10:30, & drove Dad to the Rapid, so that he could catch his train for Chicago. Gosh, the house seems very empty with him! I think every home must have a man!!

Mom got quite disgusted with your family. She didn’t prepare very much cause she knows they are small eaters; but gosh darn, after all she did prepare something & they ate nothing. I wish you could see the leftovers.

Sanf got quite a “kick” out of my new picture, “The Turtle Baby,” altho I’d like to rename it “I Am the World.” Sanf looks good--even if he went to a party & only had 2 hrs. sleep last night.

Oh, yes, I gave him this New York girl’s address & he said he would write. Also, while Mort was home, he went out with Elaine Stromsburg (a passive from Uk’s sorority--about 18 or 19) & he had a swell time, so I suggested that Sanf call her up. Mainly, she’s a lot of fun!

I read Sanf parts from your letters that I thought he would enjoy. He was very appreciative.

Your Mom came up to see my place & didn’t seem at all enthused. I was surprised, since almost everyone who has seen it has been impressed or, at least, enthusiastic [sic] about my ideas.

By the way, your Pop & my Mom seem to have enjoyed a long talk together this evening. He’s so much more understanding than your Mom!

It’ll be good to have the big car to take to work this week. I’ll save me a lot of time. (I only hope our car comes back from the garage soon.

My sweets--I miss you so very much. It seems I’ll just never get “my fill of you.” I adore you, my precious. I guess I just live from one letter to the next, & then, finally, you will be here. The news is rather encouraging, but, according to the general public, I must be pessemistic [sic]! By the way--how do you feel about Gen’. Stillwell’s [sic] recall from China?[1] What do you make of it?

Our front steps have been contaminated. I found some Dewy [sic] “floaters”[2] on the steps!

Sweetheart--I do hope you’ve gotten lots of mail from me by now! Also, honey, I’m not asking you a lot of questions about your work, cause I’m sure you know I’m interested & you will write what you may!

All my love always,


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[1] On October 19, 1944, U.S. Army General Joseph W. Stilwell had been recalled from his command in China by President Roosevelt and replaced by General Albert C. Wedemeyer.

[2] Edith is probably referring to campaign leaflets calling for the election of Republican presidential candidate, Thomas E. Dewey.