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3710 Glencairn Rd.

Shaker Heights, 22, Ohio

Thursday, 10/26/44

10:15 p. m. In bed

Sweetheart darling—

Received a V-mail letter from you dated 10/17 which you wrote while aboard an LST. What I can’t understand is—why are you doing so much traveling around? Also, if you like an LST so well, why didn’t you join the Navy?

Honey, I’m not sending you any snapshots, etc. until I get a somewhat permanent address from you. My cousin Ethel wrote me that you got a new address once you’re overseas. Well, what is yours? Sylvan is now somewhere north of Paris. Here is his address:—(Also note the new stripe)

Sgt. Sylvan Laufman 34573607

618th Q. M. Depot Co.

APO 162 C/O PM—N.Y.

I got our Xmas cards today. They’re horrible—. The man claims the negative was too small & the background was too dark. Well, anyhow we look so dark in the pitcture [sic] we’re almos[t] unrecognizable! But, Oh well, guess I’ll have to keep it. Anyhow, our friends will know we’re thinking of them. Now, please send me a list of the people overseas that you want me to send Smas [sic] cards too [sic]!

As yet, I haven’t rec’d any air mail letters from you. Those V-mails are too short to suit me.

Sent a check for $37.50 & Sanf should have his ring very shortly.

Went to Dr. Seigel tonite & I started my diet. I can eat almost anything, & all that the bezenderine will do is speed up my metabolism. After I lose what I want, I can keep the weight [off] by merely watching my diet. Well, I’m determined to try it!

Since I missed (took off) an hour’s work, I make it up tomorrow by working from 9 – 6. That’s a long day but I don’t mind it—what else would I do?

Instead of missing you less as the days roll by; my dearest, I miss you more—the longer I’m away from you, the more I miss you. My precious—take good care of yourself!

My work is still wonderful. As I get to know the children better (& especially their backgrounds) I feel I can help them so much better. Now Michael, 4 ½ yrs., for instance—he doesn’t nap—constantly masturbates & goes around unconsciously with an erect penis—is nervous—sensitive; but now that I know more about his history (family quarrels—father wants to make a musician [sic] out of him—very darling sister whom they make a “fuss” about), I have suggested (& met with approval) for him to merely relax by looking at books or listening to soft music.

“Nough for now—I adore you.


Hope you get this letter. Write me if you get an air mail from me daily!

[Transcription ends]