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Wednesday - 10/25/44

2 p.m.

Sweetheart darling--

While the children are sleeping, I thought I’d start my daily letter to you. Gosh sweets, I’m so glad you have rec’d mail from me--once more we are in contact with one another.

I finally got paid today--$60.60--$4.40 was my federal tax deductions. I’ll put only half this check into the savings acc’t & use the other half to pay for Sanf’s ring. However, if that extra $25.00 allottment [sic] has come into the bank, I’ll put my entire pay check into the savings acc’t. Gosh, it sure was good to finally get some pay! How are you doing on the money situation?

The weather, as a whole, has been very nice--in fact, exceptionally nice for Cleveland, but I’ll still take Texas climate. Alma & Harold can’t imagine living in the south--they still think of it as undeveloped, prejudicial, uncivilized territory. Of course, I gave my good, old Texas Chamber of Commerce speech & they promised to at least visit that section!

Mom & Dad just came up to the school to tell me they’ll pick me up at 6 p.m. as they come back from town. I wish they had come when the kids were up as they are an adorable bunch! I swear that I shall kidnap “Randy” (Raymond) some nite [sic]. He’s 2½ yrs--perfectly trainer [sic] & independent & has an infectious laugh plus adorable dimples!

I wonder what our children will be like. Mrs. Bennett said that because of her training she’s very critical of her own children. And then I met her children & found them almost perfect. Perhaps, then, I’ll be critical of mine, too & they will grow up to be “almost ideal children.”

I found my play, “The Education of Hyman Kaplan” & shall probably try to use it with my dramatic group on Fri. night. But, I think, before I go into something “big” like Kaplan, I’ll try a few skits like “The Saga of Little Nell” and see approximately what talents I have to work with.

More from home later.


P.S. I adore you sweetheart--don’t forget that. I nearly forgot to tell you.

9:50 p.m.

No mail, at all, today, except for a card telling me that our Xmas cards are ready & I should come & get them. I really can’t wait to see how they look.

Of course, Sanf wouldn’t call me about anything important. Gosh, darn, I called him up & he gave m your address as he received it in your letter of the 18th. Last letter I rec’d--dated 10/14. However, I shall continue to use this address until I hear different from you.

I think you must have written me some lengthy air mail letters, but as yet, I haven’t rec’d them.

I’m sending you some letters I’ve rec’d from our friends that I thought you might enjoy!

Oh yes--Sanf told me Irv Lader goes back to England after his furlough--so sad--too bad!

Washed my hair this evening & wrote a few letters.

Am upset about your new address--hate to lose our even distant contact--nuts! What does this change mean?

I haven’t asked you a lot of questions, cause I know you’ll write me what you can.

I miss you like mad--love you so very much! You are ever in my heart.

Always your,


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