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5:15 p.m.

Dearest beloved,

Alma was suppose [sic] to come in by herself this afternoon, spend the night with me & return to Youngstown. I made arrangements to leave work early today & come in late tomorrow morning. When I came home (about 30 min. ago) Mom told me that Alma called & she & Harold are driving in. Well, while waiting for the Reubens, decided to say “hello” to you.

Today I received a copy of the cablegram, read to me o’er the phone last night. Gosh, you certainly must be sending form blanks--both cablegrams sound almost alike. Winnie Luddecke deducted you were in France.


Hello, Vic--

Harold & I are here with Edit [sic] and of course, the only thing wrong is that you’re not here--we’re rehasing [sic] old times and laughing about the tourist cabins (remember?). Anyway lots of luck--

Alma & Harold


Because on top of the wire it said “sans origine;” but the V-mail I received today said “somewhere in England.” Well?

I practically cried when I saw Alma & Harold. They look wonderful & we were glad to see each other. We just talked & talked. In the late evening, Harold had to go on Overlook Rd. to say “goodbye” to cousins. I went along & met an Eddie & Jane “Keene” or “Kane” or something like that. The “Ks” are related to Laderos. Anyhow, Eddie’s sister, Mildred, from E. 146th St. remembers you from Adams. By the way this Mildred is now married (also having a baby) to some fellow in the Med. Det. of the 33rd Inf. Ban., APO 84. She was telling me you landed in Scotland. Her hubby & she have a “code.” I was going to “chew” her but I only did so diplomatically!

Anyhow, A-- & H-- are still our “best friends” and I love them more than ever! In fact, I’m seriously thinking of going up there when my week’s vacation comes due in March. Alma & Harold sent you a package, too. Gosh, you are going to be over loaded [sic] with packages. Don’t forget to write them. They’re [sic] new address is:

506 E. Seneca, Apt. 6

Ithaca, New York

Rec’d a very swell letter from Mort which I’ll eventually send on to you. He found a ciggerette [sic] lighter that needs no fluid & therefore, send [sic] it on to you. Sweet of him--huh? Do write him, dearest!

Oh yes--got the “snaps” out today. The pictures (3 of them) that we took of the family, while Mort was home didn’t come out well, we took them at 5:30 p.m.--what could I expect?--the others that Amy & I took of each other are nice & I’ll make a few up & send them to you.

Hone [sic]--I’ve got our army blankets plus the quilt on our bed & I’m still cold! I don’t think I’ll ever be warm until you rejoin me every night! My darling--I adore you.

The teachers’ meeting was a real “session” today. We discussed many points & I was happy to find many of my suggestions accepted. On Nov. 4th, we will be short-staffed, so I’m working a full day & then, since I don’t work Thanksgiving Day, I was thinking of taking a day off about that time & going up to see Harold & Alma.

Tomorrow I get a pay check-hurrah! And then, I’ll send in $37.60 & get Sanf’s ring for him.

I haven’t gotten anything but V-mails from you, but even those improve my morale 100%.

A & H--are talking about having a baby--they might at that; but they are more or less insecure, too.

Good-night my love--



P.S. Hear Iv Lader is suppose[d] to be home on furlough from England.

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