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Sweetheart darling--

Shall mail you a few pages from The Hobo News so you can see for yourself what the article in Coronet speaks about. Also, I’m sending you Sat.’s P.D. comment on the E. Ohio Gas Fire. I think they describe it far better than I. At first they thought it would spread over a mugh [sic] larger area!

The folks had their Club today--10 people, so I helped Mom with the dinner & Ukie & I served & cleaned up. It was a job, believe me. Therefore, besides that, I did hardly anything all day.

I drove over to see your folks, but I couldn’t stay long, because I had to get back to serve dinner. Nuts! I stopped by the florist & got your folks a pretty “bittersweet flower” plant since N. Ohio observes a “sweetest day.” I believe they liked the plant or else they put on a good show!

By the way, I forgot to tell you that I “chewed” Sanf last week (when we were out) about his social manners. Then, today, when he showed me his V-mail from you, I told him he didn’t deserve it, cause he hasn’t written you one line since you left. But then, Sanf & I can “dish it out” & “take it” from one another. We get along fine! I have never mentioned volunteer work to him again & when he brought it up, I refused to comment, so he said, “Oh, I understand.” Guess he knows, without my saying, how I feel on the subject.

Your Dad looked very nice today. As for your Mom--well! Sophie was her usual “droopy” self! Gosh, I wish your Mom would let your Dad do his own reasoning!

Altho’ Mom claims bendenzandine [sic] will give me everything from a heart attack to a rash, I’m still determined to try it & shall see Dr. Seigel Tues. if I can.

Gosh honey, the little car still iwn’t [sic] ready & believe me, it’s “hell” to get around this neighborhood without a car!

I took your uniforms from Sanf today. Shall clean them & put them away. I was a little angry with Sanf. I loaned him some of our books to read & he passed them on to some of his friends. Now, after all, he should have asked me first.

I have decided that dandruff can be “catchy.” Amy has a bad case of dandruff & we slept together & now I have it. Or--could I have gotten it from this miserable, dampt [sic], cold weather?

Sweetheart, can I send you anything--underwear?--shirts? socks? cookies? candy?

Did you get the camera? Gosh, I’m worried about it! They’re so darn hard to get! Write me if you can’t get films.

I started a scrapbook of famous paintings (reproductions) & I’ve gotten quite a few. It’s interesting from an educational standpoint & also a good way to educate our children to good art.

I love you so very much, my darling! You are right--when we’re not together, we feel as if part of us is missing--I do all the time!

Many times (unconsciously) I think I see you walking into the house when the door slams or when an officer is on the Rapid, I think it’s you & I have to “hold myself back” from going up to the man. I sometimes think I’m like Mrs. Skeffington when she has hallucinations about Job--I adore you, sweets.

Always your


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