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Friday, 12/8/44, 11 p.m.

My most dearly beloved,

My letters lately are written in a hurry & I “skim” over details—that definitely does not mean that I don’t love you or don’t think of you. It’s just that if you were here, I could rest my tired body & mind in your wonderful loving embraces & “pour forth” my tale. But when I have to put it black on white, it’s awfully difficult to do when I’m exhausted! However, I hope that tomorrow night I will not be too tired to write you a long, newsy letter.

Finally got around to calling P.D. subscription office—I didn’t order it for you cause: 1) no guarantee of delivery, 2) seldom get[s] delivered before 4-6 weeks. Do you still want it? Rec’d your letter[s] of 11/27 & 11/28 air mail & 11/28 V-mail. To me, mail still seems slow, but I guess it isn’t too bad!

I’m not saving all the clippings from the 9th Army cause: 1) I haven’t time, 2) there is [sic] pages of stuff on the 9th in every paper every day, 3) I can’t decide what’s worth clipping & what isn’t. So, I’ll save you what I can & I’ll mail some of it to you.

Worked like a dog today & can’t even be sure of the help (housekeeper, ass’ts & cooks) coming in every day. The fed’l adm., Mr. Bryan, was out today & then I more or less just have to “bull” with him rather than get down to actual work!

Went to the dentist this evening & he had to X-ray all my back teeth. However, Mom & I are both crazy about Dr. Fuerst—he seems very conscientious!

Then, went to my dramatic group—two of my mischevious [sic] boys (aged 16) who recently decided to join & are good if they apply themselves—have a “crush” on [the] teacher. They tell me my glasses make me look exotic, but without them I’m sweet & will I go out & get a hamburger with them? I refused, but am expecting to see 2 pretty red applies on my desk next Fri.

Your exhausted wife adores you. There’s no one quite like Vic Speert—says


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