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Sweetheart, darling,

Well, you can’t have a baby by mental telepathy--I’m sure of that! I got the “curse” today, so instead of going to the doctor for reducing pills, I took my bloody self to bed with your cablegram “sans origine.” That’s the way it was on the form sent to the house.

Gee honey, I’ve read that cablegram over & over. I’m so glad you sent it. And also, I’m so awfully glad you are hearing from me! I love you, my dearest!

Tonight I tried to call Crile Hospital & see if I could take some servicemen out, but special service closes at 5 p.m. so I’ll have to call some other day when I don’t work as late!

I’m having Sat. afto. off, I think. Anyhow, I have this Sat. aft. off, so I plan to visit the library & I guess that’s about all, except to, also, go home & give my room a good clean up.

Sweetheart, I sure hope Bulova Co. didn’t lose your watch as gosh, I could use it! If it is lost, I wonder about our recourse?

Today we rec’d a letter from Sima. Noting much new. Ray’s refrigeration unit has been activated. I’ll send you their letter eventually.

Gosh sweets--I love this pen you got me--I, also, love the person who got me the pen.

Did I tell you about Dad’s & my agreement? Next term we’re both enrolling in some interesting night class at Cleve. College. How do you like that?

Tomorrow we’re having a teachers’ meeting & I think a lot of “bones” will be laid on the table.

See, here is more or less the situation. Mrs. Bennett (head teacher) works 8 hrs. a day, 5 days wk. & her daughter, Patty, comes on the 6th day. Then, I really work the longest hrs. as I work 8 hrs. a day or 44 hrs. a wk. Then, we have Mrs. Cox, Mrs. Keifer & Mrs. Kuback--both 6 hr. workers, 5 days a wk. & Alice Haas (WRU student) 5 days wk. 4 hrs. Well, Keifer, age 35, Kuback, age 50 & self plus Bennett “hit it off” fine. Haas is swell too! But Cox--well! well! well! No one seems “to go her.” So, therefore, the teachers’ meeting. Also , we all want to know exactly what’s what with our “timing schedule” as Keifer, Cox & Kuback all like to work mornings & get through at 12:30, 1:00, etc. Well, Haas always works afternoons; but why should I work a 10-6 shift every day? So, that shall be discussed, too! I certainly intend to speak my mind.

Oct. issue of Coronet there’s a story on the newspaper “Hobo News.” It’s a paper started by a bum that’s making millions. Well, I got the paper & got quite a “kick” out of it. That’s as far as it goes. Anyhow, I will send you certain tidbits from it!

Honey bunny--how would you like an L-shaped house? I’ll make you a complete diagram of what I mean & enclose it in a letter eventually. You know, when you get back, after we decide where we want to live I think we ought to build. Huh? But please, let’s get out of Cleve. I hate it!

Sweetheart, as soon as I hear from you (letter) I’ll send you Lt. & Mrs. Sol Lame’s picture plus some of us (I mean, folks) if they come out.

All my love always,


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