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17 October 1944

Somewhere in England

Precious one,

I‘ve got some time now so I can go back through your letters and answer any questions which I skipped over. Always remember darling, if it is at all humanly possible, I shall write you daily, rain or shine. The elements cannot stop me from expressing my love for you.

Sweetheart, I can tell ou now in the event you don‘t know. We left our N.J. camp twice? The first time we left we were out to sea 10 miles and had to return because of some engine trouble. I did not remain at camp since the time I left you first till the time I sailed.

About that bezadrine [sic] diet, I say “nix.” I‘m sure that you can stream-line that “delicious“ body of yours without resorting to drugs.

Anything you decide about the Christmas cards is O.K. by me. You will probably receive shortly the list of officers whom I desire [to] receive Xmas cards. Send them abroad. They will mean more to the officers here than to their wives at home.

Everyone here thinks that your stationary [sic], Blue Monday“ type, is really smart. When they say [sic] the time of the letter (i.e.) In bed 9 p.m., they commented: “Gee, but your wife must love you!“ to which I proudly replied, “Yes, we are madly in love with each other.“

It’s tough about Mort & Sylvia Hirschfield. Both are so suspicious of each other. He has, you know, discouraged her from joining him.

Darling, the blood, flame & swords division or 63rd Div. has a nickname which is distinctive, “Blood & Shit.” This fellow, D. Goldberg (Jerry Block’s friend), belonged to the outfit.

The Bjorkmans are on my “must write to” list & I hope to get to them shortly.

I sincerely hoped that Sanford meets a swell girl and gets married. Also, they should hit it off as well as we do.

Since we have been moving around a bit your mail to me may be screwed up, but don’t let that worry you. I enjoy receiving mail 10 and 15 letters at a time.

Your associates at the school sound interesting and the work is right down your alley. To hell with the difference in pay which you might have gotten had you remained on the job. Think of our times together. These cannot be measured in any monetary value.

I will say that this settlement work offers a genuine challenge to you especially since you are getting in on the ground floor. I’ll bet Sanford is going to get a “life” from this work, too.

Associating with some of the Naval officers makes me happy that if Sanford is called, he will go in the Navy. As far as the officers is [sic] concerned I think the men are generally of a higher caliber. I’m not “bitching.” We had an awful lot of time together which we might not have had.

Remember, get that Book, “Hostages,” by Stephen Heyes. You’ll [like] it.

Please don’t have anything to do with family quarrels, etc. As far as you’re concerned you’re in quarantine. This story enclosed will tell you the kind of work we are doing temporarily. I love you madly.


[Transcription ends]