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6:30 a.m.

My darling,

Since I came home late last night & since I opened the nursery this morning, this is the only chance to write to you today. And, no day could be right if I didn’t mail a letter to you! Altho’ I got here at 6:20, the nursery officially opens at 6:30, & altho’ it’s opened, no one has, as yet, showed up this morning.

Gosh, that last paragraph sounds awful, but what can you expect so early in the morn?

I was off at 12:30 yesterday & by the time I stopped in the store & got the big car (little car is still being fixed) & got home it was 1:45. I was exhausted, so I slept until 2:30.

Then, Mom & I went grocery shopping & I went to the P. O. to mail your Xmas package. Whatta line! Mom says she will mail it today downtown. Honey, I think Amy Embry will spend the weekend with me, so I bought shrimp (fresh), avocado & filet mignon, plus mushrooms. I think we ought to have some good meals.

Well, at 5 p.m. I was all “spiffed up” & back at the nursery. We had a PTA Meeting (tea) & it was very successful. I found the parents as a whole very responsive & cooperative. Also, most of them seemed to feel a nursery teacher is a professional & an authority on child care. I was flattered, but glad that attitudes are somewhat changing.

None of the children here seem to have major problems. As a whole they are a nicely, trained group, so my work isn’t as difficult as it might be.

Mrs. Bennett (N. T.) has been swell to me, & so far, I haven’t any complaints.

Last night I went to the Open House at the Thomas Edison Community Center. I met some other very nice volunteers. However, they don’t need me for swimming & so far, I’m not working with adults. I’m to do dramatics & newspaper work with children (11 – 16). The response for dramatics was good, but only girls seemed to want it. The response for newspaper work was poor. Well, when everything is better organized I can see where I stand.

However, I’m not enthusiastic about working all day with children & in the evening, too! But, I’ll hold tight until I see what’s what.

I love you, sweetheart! You are always right with me no matter what I say or do—you are part of me. In this lonely school now, I can feel you looking at me. Darling, all I want to do is make you happy—love you!

First child just arrived. His mother, Mrs. Vick, just told me her husband just completed basic trn. at Camp Robinson & is now on his way to Ga. for O. C. S.—probably Fort Benning.

I think this aft. I’ll go home & sleep. I got in at midnite—really, I’m tired! This a.m. I left the house at 5:30 & I must admit it was pretty “scary” getting down to work.

All my love always,


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