Empirical Economic Bulletin, An Undergraduate Journal


This paper investigates the possibility of a relationship between Lift Ticket Prices and quality of resorts in the United States of America. The study incorporates information from a number of past research papers analyzing the price of lift tickets and the individual characteristics of the ski area. In recent years, the price of lift tickets has increased far greater than the rate of inflation. With over 350 companies operating in the industry in the United States, they combine for annual revenue greater than $2 billion. Consumers who enjoy the sport have seen a sharp increase in prices throughout the past decades. In 39 years, the price of a lift ticket has appreciated 546% and this study investigates the relationship between quality factors of ski resorts and their price in a logistic regression with a goal of understanding which factors are most significant and to give consumers a guide to which ski resorts are overpriced, underpriced, and priced fairly