Empirical Economic Bulletin, An Undergraduate Journal


This paper investigates the impact of Stephen Curry’s revolution of the three-point shot and its impact on NBA’s revenues. The study will incorporate the five years prior to Stephen Curry’s back-to-back MVP’s and the five years after those MVP’s. The model will examine three-point makes and percentage per game, along with a player’s effective field goal percentage, as well as playoff wins and attendance in home games. The study’s results showed that in the five years after Stephen Curry changed the game and won his MVPs, the three-point shot was a big driver in a team’s revenue. These results do not align with previous paper’s work and should encourage further studies on the topic. The results in this study indicate that the play style of a player must include the three-point shot as the NBA is a business at the end of the day, and being able to shoot threes gives a team more chances of success, along with more money.