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Dec. 31, 1944

Dear Friends,

Thanks so much for the nice present I received from you for Christmas. It was delicious and much too [?] for me. It was very thoughtful of you people to still remember and I can assure you all, I appreciated your act of kindness more than you will ever know. You are preforming a wonderful thing and with such people to come home to this is worth fighting for and sacrificing.

The College certainly sounds like a changed place since I was there way back in ’42. Would I ever like to visit but hope to one day and in the meantime I’ll just keep on wishing and praying. I like that Eldridge Hall business – how come?

May you all have the best of everything in the coming year and a very Happy one to all.

Thank you again and note different address.


Eleanor Eldridge

y1/c, USNR

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