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158th General Hospital
Fort Bragg, N. C.

10 April 1944

Bryant Service Club and Students of Bryant:

I received your Easter letter and was very happy to hear from the College again. Often while doing my work here in the army I recall those days I spent at Bryant. Its [sic] a real pleasure to hear from the school and whats [sic] going on there.

Your letter brought out several interesting points. Especially about a very good friend of mine whom I met while attending Bryant. Eugene K. Schmidt, the class of ’40. Several times during the past two and a half years I have been in the army we were in contact with each other. Due to my frequent change of address, I lost tract of him but was sure glad to hear about him through your Easter Letter.

My recent transfer to Fort Bragg came after the breaking up of the 1304th Engineer General Services Regiment of which I was Personnel Sergeant major. I joined the 158th General Hospital the first part of February. My work here comes under a section of the Registrar’s office. Once in operation, I’ll be assigned the task of running and operating of Detachment of patients.

Now in closing may I wish you all good luck in the future, and comment on the splendid job your [sic] all doing back home.

Edward F. Ellsworth

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